Many celebrities have shown off their natural look by embracing the no-make-up trend. Margot Robbie, one of the most beautiful and talented stars of Hollywood, is no exception as she has been flaunting her bare beauty on social media. It really shows a big difference from her iconic character Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, to which many have come to the online platform to share their thoughts about it.

Margot Robbie’s No Make-up Look

Margot has become one of the most prolific actresses in recent years and time and time again, she has shown everyone what she’s made of. She has had a pretty impressive Hollywood journey so far – making a name for herself in the industry. Despite all her success, she remains down to earth and continues to uplift everyone’s spirit.

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Aside from encouragement, the actress took to Instagram to post a series of photos of her without the Harley Quinn look. One of them has a caption, “Outback adventure in

Even going out in public without a full face of makeup, many agree that she has a natural beauty. The image above of Margot Robbie might be a bit surprising for those who have never seen her bare-faced, but for her followers, she’s worth the likes.

What Do Fans Think About Her Bare Face?

Many think that Margot looks better with her bare face. She can also win the hearts of the admirers with her natural beauty. Her selfies posted on Instagram definitely prove that she does need any makeup or any kind of touchups to hide under in order to look amazing.

Commenting on a photo, a Twitter user wrote, “That’s a very different look from the usual shots. I don’t know if I would identify her as Margot Robbie if I hadn’t been told who she was first. I like it.” Another tweeted, “You sound salty af.
MargotRobbie is gorgeous. With makeup. Without make up. Just woke up. Tired af. Don’t matter. GORGEOUS. Ain’t no studio makeup gonna change that. Quit hatin’ boo.”

Even without the layers of makeup that transforms Margot into the Harley Quinn of fan’s cinematic dreams, she has plenty of followers waiting to spot her everywhere she goes. Even the gym, without makeup and a messy ponytail.

What Do Fans Think About Her Harley Quinn Role?

In reality, the actress is so much more than “the dumb blonde” and sexy icon for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. She has enormous potentials that prepared her for her roles, and even a bunch of hidden talents that many might not even know. Speaking about how Margot is portrayed in some of her films, a fan commented, “For many of us, Harley Quinn was a powerful figure – now reduced to just looks.”

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And for Margot, it was the same. People start to talk about how she was hired just because of her body, not because of her talent. The fan continued to explain, “First they say Margot is bad and just hired to be a sexual object. Next they’re saying that Harley is a sexual character, and mad that she’s not been sexualized. Not to mention a many people seemed to think the movie was to ‘girly.’ Aimed towards women, probably. But I don’t agree on the ‘girly’ label, as it has a negative connotation.”

The actress’ follower concluded her answer, “Margot Robbie may be sexualized to the point of being overlooked in some of her roles, but that doesn’t change her amazing acting ability and successes. Here’s to hoping that Margot continues to make strides for women through strong feminist character like the new and improved Harley.”

Still, fans wholeheartedly agree that the actress is stunning with or without the iconic Harley look. It is her acting chops that viewers really adore; no one could bring Harley Quinn to life quite like Margot Robbie.

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Kemberly Penton is a Filipina writer, teacher, bibliophile, and enthusiast of literary pieces, film scores, music, and charades. She considers herself an old soul trapped in the 21st century. She loves to see life through a poetic and contemplative lens for she believes there is so much in life to stop, appreciate, and reflect on.

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