Mariah Carey revealed in a candid new interwatch withPeople magazine that she’s been battling bipolar disorder.

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The Grammy-winning songanxiety common that she was initially diagnosed in 2001 after being hospitalized for a physical and mental breakdvery own, but that she "didn"t desire to believe it." She’s because sought treatment after enthroughout the “hardest couple of years” of her life.

“Until newly I stayed in denial and isolation and in consistent are afraid someone would expose me,” she told the mag. “It was too heavy a burden to lug and I sindicate couldn’t carry out that anymore. I sought and also obtained treatment, I put positive civilization roughly me and I obtained back to doing what I love — creating songs and making music.”

Mariah, who was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, which requires steras of depression and hypomania, initially assumed she had actually a sleep disorder.

“For a lengthy time I thought I had a serious sleep disorder," she continued. "But it wasn’t normal insomnia and I wasn’t lying awake counting lamb. I was functioning and also working and functioning … I was irritable and also in constant fear of letting civilization dvery own. It transforms out that I was enduring a kind of mania. Eventually, I would certainly just hit a wall surface. I guess my depressive episodes were identified by having exceptionally low energy. I would certainly feel so lonely and sad — also guilty that I wasn"t doing what I necessary to be doing for my career."

She’s currently adjusting to her brand-new truth.

"I"m actually taking medication that seems to be pretty great. It’s not making me feel as well exhausted or slow or anypoint prefer that,” she shared. “Finding the correct balance is what is most important. … I"m just in a really great area ideal currently, wright here I’m comfortable discussing my struggles through bipolar II disorder," Mariah concluded. "I"m hopeful we have the right to gain to a area wright here the stigma is lifted from human being going through anything alone. It have the right to be exceptionally isolating. It does not need to define you and I refuse to permit it to define me or manage me."

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