Moon Shik decided to return residence and talk to Mi Yeon. But Mi Yeon was gone, she relocated in via Hyo Seob and his children. She likewise plans to acquire back the shares she provided Moon Shik. When the mommy and son met and also Moon Shik told Mi Yeon the reason he demands to market those shares, Mi Yeon shelp that if Moon Shik want’s those shares, than Moon Shik hregarding make up via Hyo Seob. Meantime Eun Tae is force by his sister to go on a blind day. When Yoo Ha hears about it, she stops him and confesses.

Episode 29

Mi Yeon relocated in via Hyo Seob on the roofpeak room. She changed every little thing according to her taste, without asking anyone and also Hyo Seob pretfinished that he likes and approves all that Mi Yeon did. Then Mi Yeon explained Yoo Ha, Hyun Ha and also Jae Hyung that she desires to obtain close to them, acknowledge her partnership via Hyo Seob and also that its means she moved in with them. But she will certainly acquire married with Hyo Seob just after Moon Shik approves it.

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During all that comactivity, Eun Tae pertained to see Yoo Ha. Tbelow are task openings for citizens and researchers and also Eun Tae brought Yoo Ha the essential records.

Da Yeon and Jae Hyung spend more time together, dating in their own shy way. After occupational Jae Hyung and also Da Yeon met, yet Jae Hyung’s heart starts racing while he was looking at Da Yeon’s lips. So Jae Hyung uses to walk Da Yeon residence. Near her home, Da Yeon left and Eun Tae appeared. So Jae Hyung invited Eun Tae for some drinks. Jae Hyung desires Eun Tae to tell him what Da Yeon likes.

While Jae Hyung was Eun Tae, Da Yeon meets Moon Shik on the way residence. Moon Shik went back residence and discovered out that Mi Yeon relocated in with Hyo Seob. He checked out Hyo Seob’s residence and experienced Mi Yeon all sweet and loving via Hyun Ha. Upcollection, Moon Shik checked out watch Da Yeon.

Da Yeon:”You look awful. You simply require a perchild to breathe around you.”

Eun Tae’s sister came by the hospital and told everyone that Eun Tae is going on a blind date through the prospect of getting married as quickly as feasible. When Eun Tae heard around that rumour, he rumelted to proccasion Yoo Ha from hearing. But it was too late. Yoo Ha currently know and also was upcollection and also jealous.

Mi Yeon is taking earlier the shares she offered Moon Shik. But initially she desires to understand why Moon Shik is trying so tough to offer them. So she asked Moon Shik and obtained her answer. Moon Shik is marketing the shares to repay his father’s debts and also carry him earlier to the nation. When she heard what Moon Shik is trying to do, Mi Yeon is more than determined to acquire back the shares. She told Moon Shik that she will return him the shares the moment Hyo Seob will ask her also. So if Moon Shik desires to lug his father back, Moon Shik hregarding have an excellent partnership with Hyo Seob.

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Eun Tae dubbed Yoo Ha late at night. They’ve met and also Eun Tae asked for Yoo Ha’s permission to go on the blind day his sister reserved. Yoo Ha provided him permission, but didn’t think Eun Tae would certainly actually go. When Yoo Ha discovered out that Eun Tae is going on a blind day, she called him and also told him to speak that meeting. As Yoo Ha told him, Eun Tae didn’t accomplish his blind date. He told his sister that he likes Park Yoo Ha and left. The moment Eun Tae arrived, Yoo Ha confessed and Eun Tae kissed her.