If you’ve ever tried to shed weight, bulk up, or adjust your body in any kind of way, you understand diet is seriously important—maybe also more necessary than exercise. You want all the diet tips you deserve to acquire. For Amerihave the right to Horror Story: Hotel star Matt Bomer, diet is “80 percent of exactly how he maintains his body.” That’s what he told us in the time of his interview for his Men’s Fitness cover story.

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And the actor knows a thing or two around eating ideal. In truth, he’s studied the subject for more than 10 years.

“When I was 27, I felt old. I didn’t feel best,” he said throughout the intersee. “I didn’t feel healthy. I just wasn’t taking treatment of my body, and also I had actually a body that wanted me to take care of it.” So he educated himself, putting over publications, talking to nutritionists and even going on a fasting retreat.

“In the end, someone is relying on me to present up on their collection looking a certain method,” he shelp, “whether that’s 40 pounds overweight or 40 pounds underweight The Normal Heart, by consuming just the bare minimum of calories needed for survival>, or looking like a stripper.”

But regardless of the inescapable extreme diet tweaks he makes to fit certain duties, tbelow are some food rules of thumb he adheres to that are completely realistic for the average male, too.

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