His sophoeven more studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, is the No. 1 album in the country and also his addictive, adrenaline-moved mobile application, Bike Life, is concurrently the optimal game in the App Store.

It's a distinctive feat, however the rapper—who's come to be an unmain ambassador for the bike life community—states he meant this outcome.

“It feels great,” he says. “I gotta keep hustling. I recognize when it comes to the Net, we relocate devices. I thrived up on the Net.” 

The arrangement to release both jobs, his app and also the album, at the same time started over a year earlier. IM3 Gaming Studios’ CEO Christopher McMillian approached Maybach Music Group President Gucci Pucci about an concept to construct an application via a member of the Maybach roster, and when Pucci argued Meek, McMillian flew out to Miami to brainstorm concepts with the emfought rapper. 

“Apps was something he was very interested in,” McMillian states. “You simply wouldn’t expect that from a rapper. We wanted to create somepoint that was authentic to him.” 

After deliberating with Meek, McMillian and his team at IM3 began working on an animated simulation of the trick-happy thrill-rides Meek and also his crew embark on in the time of the spring and summer months in Philadelphia. 

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The Bike Life application replicates a pastime for a cult-group of people who take to the highways on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in urban cities throughout the country. Regardless of the risks and also the police hostility, Meek claims, “obtaining chased by the police is a part of the way of life.”

“It’s a hobby that we love,” he says, shrugging off any type of apparent dangers. “We dropped in love via it like civilization love skateboarding and also playing basketsphere. They say it’s a risk, yet skateboarding is dangerous, basketsphere is dangerous. We ain’t doing no criminal activity.” 

However before, law enforcement continues to see it in different ways. It’s illegal in Pennsylvania to operate dirt bikes and ATVs on city roadways. 

In March, police spoiled Meek’s homecoming concert at the Wells Fargo Center as soon as they confiscated over 60 dirt bikes and a handful of ATVs exterior of the arena. The bust was the biggest in the city and also a bold statement by the Philadelphia Police Department. 

“When we capture you, we're gonna seize them," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Dennis Wilboy told regional news NBC10 at the moment. “You're not gonna be permitted to get them ago.”

“It causes auto crashes,” Wilson added. “There's constantly the possibility that we have individuals on the sidewalk that are gonna be hit by these dirt bikes."

For McMillian, aiming for authenticity in the Bike Life application expected making certain the police existence was included in the game. 

Players begin each ride being chased by the police into oncoming website traffic. Future updates, McMillian mentions, will heighten the amount of police customers have to attend to during the game. 

“It’s starray bereason these guys are doing the exact same thing that they’re doing in the X-Games civilization, however the financial disparity is there,” McMillian says. “The kind of human being that ride these bikes in the street, just getting together in one location is enough to carry the paddy wagons out.” 

The app provides individuals an possibility to experience bike life without the threats of falling or being arrested. Players start the game via Chino, a character based off of a 16-year-old bike legend from Baltimore City. Meek met Chino (Braxton) years back, and the two have bonded over bikes ever given that. Recently, Chino joined Meek’s Dream Chasers imprint and signed an endorsement address Monster Energy. 

Image via IM3 Gaming Studios

“Meek’s big thing wregarding make sure Chino was in the game,” McMillian says. “A lot of civilization are acquainted with him, and also making him the initially character offers people an inspiration to keep playing, and also earn sufficient coins to play via Meek.” 

A variety of new updates for the game are on the way, including more personalities and also numerous brand-new cities to ride in. IM3 is working on a deal to include Meek’s MMG comrades (Rick Ross, Wale) and his existing girlfrifinish, Nicki Minaj, to the mobile platform.

Image via IM3 Gaming Studios

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The upstart gaming firm has actually additionally reached out to the household of 23-year-old Kyrell Thomas, b.k.a. Dirt Bike Rell, that was gunned down in South Philadelphia last year. Dirt Bike Rell is simply one of the bike life legends being added to the game in the close to future.  

“We’re including street riders for authenticity and also celebrities for commercial appeal,” McMillian says. “We likewise finalized a resolve Phunkee Ducks, and also will certainly be including brand-new levels such as Miami, L.A., and New York.”

IM3 plans to partner through Tidal to allow customers to stream Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money and other albums while they play. Fans attending the Pinkprint tour will certainly likewise be able to experience the application and compete for a gold-plated Monster Energy ATV. 

“It seems favor this type of a game via this perkid, people were looking for that,” McMillian claims. “It’s odd that Meek would certainly have actually the No. 1 app and also No. 1 album at the very same time…. You would certainly think for this to happen it would certainly be Katy Perry or Britney Spears or artists of that nature. It just mirrors his development.”