Located on the 3rd Floor of the Museum of Freedon, in the room wbelow you fulfill Preston Garvey and also the remainder of the settlers.

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Sturges is trying to hack this terminal, unproperly.


Museum of Freedom
Third Floor

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When Freedom Calls

Boot Screen

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termconnect.

Password Required

Main Menu

Museum of Freedom Operations Terminal

Log Entries

After-Hours Tomfoolery!

For the last time, the Redcoat mannequin displays are NOT toy soldiers, and are not to be "played with" after hrs. Two of them have scuffed paint, and this morning one of the foot regiment pieces was lacking his arm.

This sort of horsing roughly will not be tolerated. Anyone recorded engaging in such behavior will be composed up, docked an hour"s pay, and charged for damages.

- Chief Curator Harold Nash

Roaches in the Basement

Someone acquire maintenance dvery own in the basement to deal with that roach problem. Oo it currently, on the dvery own lowy while the museum is open up. Discretion is crucial.

We cannot afford to close the museum aacquire. Nor is it acceptable for a son to uncover a cockroach in her hair as she"s learning around taxation without depiction.

This instance need to be refixed. Immediately.

- Chief Curator Harold Nash

Anchorage Exhibit

After meeting through the director and board of trustees, I"m afrassist I should supply some quite dire news: our planned Anchorage exhibit has actually been put on indefinite host.

It is ssuggest not within the museum"s budget at this time to make the renovations important to accomodate such an ambitious undertaking.

My many thanks to the curatorial and also maintenance groups for all the job-related that"s been done thus much.

-Chief Curator Harold Nash

Final Enattempt - Sat. October 23, 2077

This is Megan Hayes. I"m a tour guide below at the Concord Museum of Freedom.I am so scared. When everyone experienced the flashes, they left. Even Mr. Nash. He just ran ameans and left me here. Jerk! And then among those Army helicopter things craburned right into the roof. I observed soldiers, but they looked freaked out. I simply hid from them.

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I"ve just remained in Massachusetts a month. I don"t really recognize anyone, and also I don"t recognize where to go.

I damaged the lock on the curator"s desk and also took the gun. I’m going to hide in one of the rooms for a couple of days till things calm dvery own. If somebody reads this, please come find me. But if you try to hurt me, I swear I"ll shoot you!