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Plot: After conserving the city native Kisshu’s recent plot, Ichigo rushes come the bus station, desperate to view if Aoyama is quiet there. After looking for him in the rain, Ichigo collapses and also cries believing the Aoyama left and hates her now because she go out off your date and never even returned his calls.

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Aoyama comes out of the shadows revealing that he’s to be there the totality time. In spite of being enthusiastic to view him, Ichigo can’t lug herself to comprise a good excuse regarding why she was so late. Together they quietly stare at each other, Ichigo thinks to herself that she could not have any type of right to loving Aoyama because she’s always lying come him. Together she tries to say something to Aoyama, he unexpectedly embraces her and also confesses the he loves her.

Jolted through his confession, Ichigo embraces that back. Aoyama breaks the hug for a bit to gently fix her hair, yet she conveniently bolts far from him after realizing the her cat ears had started to emerge after gaining excited indigenous Aoyama’s words and embrace.

Aoyama, believing he is offended Ichigo or the she doesn’t feeling the very same way, offers her a handkerchief and starts to leave. She stop him and also does her ideal to hide she ears through the handkerchief and her now arising tail v her hand. She draws up the vessel to additionally confess her love come him, and they embrace once more.

The following day, Ichigo floats through every little thing in a daze the love and happiness if everyone marvels what taken place to her. Deep Blue, having actually been to win with several of Ichigo’s strike in the critical episode, proceeds to cry out in pain. Deep Blue inquiries Kisshu’s loyalty and Kisshu defines that he merely wants to see his true form. That theorizes that Deep Blue is not a genuine being at all and an ext like one embryo that has yet to be born.

Deep Blue, Pai and Taruto proceed to doubt Kisshu’s loyalty, and also Kisshu reveals the his genuine intentions were to assist Deep Blue awaken with the strength of the Mew Aqua. That laid a catch in i m sorry he’d offer some of the Mew Aqua to the Mew Mews and send some of the Mew Aqua powered strike through a portal and ago to Deep Blue as confirmation the it would aid him awaken. He retained the setup a an enig from Pai and Taruto since they room too faithful to Deep Blue and also would’ve quit him.

He desires to awaken Deep Blue so hell truly have actually the strength to conserve his people. The willingly accepts whatever punishment Deep Blue has for him, also death, because he did it for the benefits of his people. However, Deep Blue agrees come his plan and merely commands him to acquire him much more power from the Mew Aqua.

Meanwhile, Shirogane and Akasaka discover that they can not revert the Mew Aqua Rod ago to its original state, therefore they save it in a for sure in the basement.

After safety some much more time alone v Aoyama, Ichigo arrives at the cafe to start her shift. She believes her friends will certainly be mad at her for being late again, yet they’re how amazing okay through it since they believe she was dumped the night before and also was also distraught come come in ~ above time.

She clears the waiting and every one of the girls room happy for her. However, lock quickly become surprised and embarrassed once Ichigo reveals the Aoyama is actually through her in ~ the moment and wants to try some cakes.

As Ichigo costume for work and also Aoyama browses the menu, there’s a sudden alien alert. Kisshu, Taruto and also Pai have finally caught on to the ar of the Mews’ base, and they’ve concerned take the Mew Aqua. Shirogane knocks Aoyama out with a drug and also puts that in a safe location to enable the girls to transform and also battle the aliens.

While Pai and Taruto distract the various other girls, Ichigo operation to the backroom wherein Kisshu has struck Akasaka and Aoyama. As she’s about to be attacked while protecting Aoyama, Pudding block the assault with she Pudding Ring Inferno.

However, she conveniently blabs the Akasaka went turn off to get the Mew Aqua stick in the basement to aid defeat them, incidentally telling Kisshu exactly what he demands to know. Kisshu halts Akasaka in the basement. Akasaka tries to litter the employee to Ichigo, yet Kisshu intercepts. Reasoning he’s won, he is astounded when the staff suddenly stops shining.

Akasaka claims that Mew Aqua is simply a container for power not a generator the energy. Ichigo must’ve supplied up every one of the Mew Aqua’s power from the staff in the battle the night before, hence it’s now largely useless. Realizing this whole arrangement was because that nothing, Kisshu attempts come unleash his fury at the girls. However, Ichigo won’t also let him acquire an attack off and Ribbon Strawberry Surprises them far from the cafe.

With the cafe now in shambles, Akasaka and Ichigo move Aoyama come a adjacent field. Ichigo feels regret for gaining him wrapped increase in trouble again. She’s about to kiss the in his sleep, not even caring the her ears and also tail have actually popped the end again, when she realizes that the transformation is not stopping and also she’s been turned into a little black cat.


– The girls deals with after Ichigo claims Aoyama and her confessed their love because that each other are priceless.

– Is there any details reason Aoyama was hiding behind the wall surface that whole time?

– Nice. Castle only display Ichigo transforming again. Because that a second, i forgot who the only Mew who mattered was.

– and also of course the others are relegated to gift a mostly-off-screen distraction.

– Pudding saved Ichigo? one of the various other girls served a purpose? Wha-wha-wha?

– and also she damages the moment by being a blabbermouthed idiot. Hooray.

– If Ichigo have the right to jump native the peak of the stairs to the bottom there is no issue, why go Akasaka hazard the employee at all by throwing it?

– speak of the Mew Aqua Rod, why is that necessary? They’ve win the aliens loads of times before without the staff’s help. Will certainly you also let them fight for much more then 45 secs without breaking the end the thing you put in hiding to defend it native these an extremely beings?

– Why is the staff simply now shedding its shine? and also surely Akasaka and also Shirogane had actually to have known the staff was completely out of power or nearly out that power once they placed it in the safe, therefore why also get it out to begin with?

– here we get much more Ichigo favoritism with her brand-new full cat transformation. One might argue the this no favoritism because it’s yes, really something poor that wake up to her, however it’s still more Ichigo focus. It’s tho another capacity she gets that puts much more spotlight on her. It’s still a power added to she character come create an ext tension.

Just together none of the various other girls have any animal features popular music out as soon as they’re excited or distressed, none of them ever completely transform right into their given pets either (not count Lettuce turning into a mermaid because that’s brought on by Mew Aqua and only Mew Aqua), which would certainly actually be pretty exciting a la Fruits Basket.

Events like these make me important wonder why the other girls also exist other than come pad out the series. All they seem to exist because that at this allude is support for Ichigo, even if it is in or the end of battle, and whether your support also matters or not (see: stupid barriers that room never presented to carry out anything) They’re in ~ an extreme suggest of stagnation already and we’ve only reached the halfway suggest in the series.


I like the very first half of the illustration much much more than the second. The an initial half seems choose episode 26 runoff when the 2nd seems prefer a filler illustration crammed into 11 minutes. Aoyama and Ichigo’s confessions were an extremely well written and also directed, and also Kisshu handling the after-effects of his plan, and also showing a bit more of his gentler next with exactly how much he’s specialized to his people, was likewise well done. That odd the the villains were more informed and also prepared 보다 the heroes this time about yet they quiet lost.

I’m still slightly bitter around the cat thing. No as lot as the Mew Aqua rod or the rose Bell (Upgraded Strawberry Bell), but still. That bitterness will certainly honestly need to wait since this capacity is a resource of a most confusion and ridiculousness to me. However let’s save that for the next two episodes.

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I will certainly ask why Ichigo turns into a pure black residence cat once her animal is an iriomote wild cat. If she logical revolution isn’t convenient to the plot or the aesthetic that the show, one of two people don’t do the strength or don’t provide her that pet as her source of power.

Rating: 7/10

Next episode, Ichigo, now a cat, tries desperately to turn back to normal. Aoyama picks her up and decides to take care of her. Will she ever be able to turn back to a human and also escape without Aoyama finding out who and what she is?