Carmen Muñoz Guzmán, of main Duarte Province, wins the Miss Dominican Repúblic Universe 2018 crown in the time of a gala held at the Gran Teatro del Cibao in Santiearlier de los Caballeros on August 26. She will now recurrent her nation at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant to be held on November 26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first runner-up is Jeisy Rodriguez, Miss Santiearlier, that will certainly compete in 2017 Miss United Continents. The second runner-up is Lytza Alvarez, Miss Santo Domingo Oeste, who will certainly contend in 2017 Reina Hisaponamericana. Third runner up Miss Barahona, Zaidy Bello was crowned Miss Quisquena

The 5’8 tall beauty queen is a model, fluent in French and has already stood for Dominican Republic prior to in worldwide pageant. In December 2013 she traveled to Japan to recurrent her nation at Miss International pageant.

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Carmales is a lawyer and Vice-President of the organization Making Big Smiles. She has additionally created a memoir around Children Constitution in Dominideserve to Republic.

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