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Once again Senate bulk Leader Mitch McConnell is low-balling American families, failing to acknowledge the border and impact of this pandemic, and also not offering workers or our economic climate what us really need.

We require Congress to happen a strong, bold, substantial COVID-relief package immediately so struggling families and also our economic climate can begin to recoup from this pandemic.

We don’t need what Mitch is providing up: more tax cuts for currently wealthy corporations!

***SIGN our PETITION now telling conference to refuse Mitch McConnell’s COVID-relief plan and replace it with a families and also workers-first an extensive plan that benefits those in need and our economy!

Here’s those going on: Senate majority Leader McConnell and also his cronies in the White home just released their setup for the following COVID-relief bill. And no surprised here—it’s a enterprise first, families and also our economic situation last technique to relief. Through the clock ticking on crucial provisions of unemployment insurance benefits ending and also the federal moratorium ~ above evictions expiring at the finish of the month, conference is scrambling to pass their next (and most likely last till December) COVID-relief package. 

And what is Mitch McConnell proposing? A totality bunch of points we nothing need, while ignoring what us do need, i beg your pardon is expanding unemployment benefits, healthcare access, paid leave and sick days, shoring up the childcare and K-12 systems, ensuring accessibility to food and also housing support for families in need, and more, but instead, while civilization are struggling to placed food ~ above the table and get healthcare, McConnell is suggest things favor these:

$10 exchange rate to exclusive schools with no strings attached, as soon as his proposal for public K-12 colleges is arbitrarily on the colleges physically reopening. The Republicans are extorting college districts before it is safe to reopen.A significant cut to unemployment benefits, including substantially reducing the $600/week boost in benefits that made many unemployed workers’ paychecks whole.Allowing business execs to create off 100% of your meals. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of providing real assist to struggling restaurant workers and also the mom and also pop restaurants around the country, Mitch McConnell desires to do sure business execs deserve to eat because that free!Shields businesses, non-profits, schools, medical providers, and also the medical profession native accountability in the courts as soon as they fail to take reasonable precautions regarded the coronavirus the sickens workers, consumers, or patients, consisting of if lock die.

What execute our families and economy yes, really need?

At least $50 billion to conserve our child care infrastructure and also at the very least $175 billion in federal assist to K-12 schools to stabilize education funding, aid close the digital divide, and also guarantee the safety and security of educators, support staff and also students.Permanent payment family and also medical leave and earned sick days for every workers.Extending unemployment insurance, including continuing the $600 rise past July 31st, and administer a second round of direct payments come families, consisting of immigrant families.A boost in SNAP (food stamps) benefits and strengthening various other nutrition programs because that struggling families.Redirecting criminal justice and police force resources that is not particularly for COVID-19 health and also safety precautions or sustaining decarceration to other programs.Decarcerate as many world as safely possible from jails, prisons, and also detention centers, especially children, the elderly, pregnant people, and people with health vulnerabilities.No-cost testing, treatment, and vaccinations for all, consisting of immigrant communities and ensures that testing and treatment for COVID-19 is covered under emergency Medicaid.Expands the EITC (Earned earnings Tax Credit) and also the child Tax credit transaction to support struggling families and also repeals the appalling $135 billion Millionaires taxation Giveaway that the GOP snuck into the care Act.$3.6 billion in election assistance funding for claims to ensure that every state has the resources they need to expand vote-by-mail, beforehand voting, and also online voter registration, as well as ensure the safety of poll workers.

***We require YOU come take activity NOW since the clock is ticking! Tell your members of congress to disapprove Mitch McConnell’s and also the White House’s weak COVID-relief plan and also replace it v a package the our families and also economy really need.

It’s been over 3 months since Speaker Nancy Pelosi and also the home of to represent passed the HEROES Act, i beg your pardon is a very great place because that the U.S. Senate to start in their negotiations. The HEROES Act would be fantastic start in addressing the struggles and also pains countless families room facing throughout this pandemic—pains that must be addressed automatically to background both families and our economy. It additionally would provide our states, localities, municipalities, and also territories with lot needed assistance as they start to see massive budgetary restrictions caused by the pandemic and economic downturn, and also our health care system with the funding and also resources it needs much more than five months into this crisis. Building upon the HEROES Act, we need the last package to go even further, including much more robust capital for childcare, K-12 education, assist for incarcerated individuals, consisting of immigrant family members in ice detention centers.

The only reason we have been maybe to get some countless programs that aid our families is since YOU save speaking out and also making her voice heard. Thank you! now we need you to perform it again. Sign our petition informing Congress to refuse Mitch McConnell’s weak plan and also then front this email to your friends and also family and post our action link on facebook so anyone you know can take action as well.

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Thank you for all you do!

P.S. The $600/week rise in joblessness benefits will certainly officially expire this Friday leaving numerous unemployed workers through either substantially reduced services or no benefits at all. Please take a minute to speak to your Senators and demand that they expand the $600/week an increase in unemployment benefits. Message “ExtendUI” come 747464 and we’ll connect you straight with your Senator’s office.