Renee Graziano is the daughter the Anthony Graziano, who, follow to the commonwealth Government, to be a high ranking member of La Cosa Nostra. Renee flourished up during the heyday of the crowd - once things still fell off trucks and also people still dropped off envelopes even when that wasn"t her birthday. Immersed in the society since birth, she taken on the lifestyle as her own and also became a "mob loyalist". Renee ultimately married (then divorced) Junior. Together they have actually one son, AJ.

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When Renee was young her ideal friend was arrested and also sentenced to plenty of years behind bars. This was her an initial real arrival to prison, yet unfortunately not her last. Thanks to a circle of friends life the street life, Renee has actually visited end 83 prisons and also written hundreds of letters to lull the countless friends she had on "the inside". This correspondence gave her the idea to turn her love that the "the life" into a greeting card agency called jail MAIL.

Renee sometimes longs for the good old days, however thanks to she friends she is slowly beginning to realize that this is no a life she desires her kid to lead. She battles to balance her allegiance come the street life through her really hopes that her boy will live a life cost-free of it all.

Renee is hysterical, Renee is crazy, and also Renee is drama, however she will certainly be the first to provide you the shirt off she back. Everyone and anyone that knows her, to know this.

Drita D"Avanzo is the wife of Lee D"Avanzo, who federal prosecutors allege is the leader of a Bonanno and Colombo crime family members farm team. When Drita"s husband is offer time in jail for bank robbery (for the 2nd time), she is left alone increasing two young girls, Aleeya and also Gizelle. Drita, who originates from a strict Albanian household, defied her parents and also married someone external the neighborhood -- one Italian.

Drita thrived up in different ways from the various other women. She was raised in the projects of Staten Island after her family cleared up there from Albania. Her father, a strictly soccer coach, elevated her to be tough and also play through the boys. She was never enabled to cry, and had come do numerous push-ups and also sit-ups a job to fulfill her father"s high standards. Drita was invited to play for the Women"s nationwide Soccer Team and also was all collection to go till she met her an initial love, "the streets".

She dated street male after street guy until ultimately finding and marrying Lee. At very first everything was an excellent and she had whatever she wanted. However, Lee was allegedly robbing financial institutions (among various other things), and also before she offered birth come their first daughter, he was escorted away by the Feds for an 8-year prison term. Drita had actually their baby, and also stood by her male -- that promised her that he would never ever leave her again.

During Lee"s very first prison sentence, Drita realized that she must do miscellaneous to was standing on her very own two feet in case she was ever left in a position like this again. She learned to become a make-up artist and worked for various luxury cosmetic suppliers while her husband to be away. Almost eight years later on Lee came home and they started over. They constructed a new home, made infant number two, and also Lee even got a legitimate job. However the good times were short lived. Again, Lee was arrested and also sentenced to jail for 2-5 year for similar crimes. Needless come say, Drita was not happy. But, like so numerous times before, she picked up the pieces and also carried on. Together a mom of two v a husband in jail, she battles to keep it all with each other while figuring the end if this is a lifestyle she wants to continue to live. Currently, she freelances together a make-up artist and plans to build her very own cosmetic line.

Drita is tough as nails and also infamous for her numerous fights and also knock outs growing up. Currently a mother, she struggles to manage her anger and also often feel nostalgic for times as soon as a problem can be resolved with a fist.

Seasons 1-3, 5-6

Karen Gravano is the daughter that Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, the well known mobster who cooperated with the government to aid take down John Gotti and the Gambino crime family. Karen was just 19 years old when her dad turned top top the mafia, a relocate that left Karen devastated.

While her household relocated come Arizona to start over, at first Karen stayed behind in brand-new York -- her way of reflecting that she had trouble with her father"s cooperation. After a pair years, she joined her family members in Arizona where she came to be a license is granted aesthetician, opened up up a profitable day spa, and had her very first and just child, Karina.

After 12 years of comes to terms v who she is and understanding she father"s choices, Karen went back to Staten Island. Past reconnecting through old friends, Karen hoped that coming ago would help her stand on her own, out of shadows of she father"s well known past. In 2012, Karen released her memoir, Mob Daughter.

Angela Raiola aka "Big Ang" is the niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a deceased captain the the Genovese crime family. Angela, a single mother of 2 to be born and also raised in Brooklyn, NY through her 2 sisters and also four brothers.

Big Ang always strived come be well-known with "the mob". She is what many take into consideration a "mob moll". Owning numerous mafia hangouts over the years, she came to be like "one of the guys" - even capturing a situation with part high ranking members the the mob. She to be loved by lock all. She is choose a character right from the movie Goodfellas and also lives through the way of life code. Ang has actually dated countless gangsters throughout she life yet has constantly remained independent. She is not the usual woman that would depend on a man. Large Ang has managed to do her own method and administer her own means within this world, though she was constantly lavished v houses, cars, jewelry, furs (you name it) by plenty of well known mob wise guys.

One would think that they speak to her huge Ang for "E Cups" or her even larger lips, however is really due to the fact that of her bigger than life personality. She is hysterically funny without even definition to be. Frequently referring come herself as the "bad girl" she will have actually you laughing upon meeting her and keep girlfriend laughing until you leave.

Seasons 1-3, 6

Carla Facciolo prospered up in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, wherein she had a comparable upbringing to Renee Graziano. While her father visited prison once she was young, the didn"t protect against her from living the way of living she grew to love.

When Carla was 17 she started dating street guys and really acquired a taste of the life. She hung out v girls favor Renee, and others -- whose parents to be either in the life or very wealthy. Carla fancies it s her a Manhattan girl. She is used to the finer things in life and also has no desire to provide them up. She assumed she"d met her complement when she married Joey Ferragamo, a stock broker.

Although Carla believed she had ultimately gotten far from the way of life she lived cultivation up, she husband at some point got indicted and convicted for a boiler room scandal and Carla as soon as again uncovered herself dealing with the ins and outs of prison. Carla"s ex-husband Joe is now out of prison after serving 88 months. The pair has pair 8-year olds, Joseph and Carmen, yet that doesn"t curb Carla"s desire come party choose there"s no tomorrow. She is a remain at house mom and sales rep for a juice company. She takes great care the herself and also prides it s her on she hair and great body.

Brittany is the just daughter of john Fogarty and also Andrea Giovino, one Italian mother and an ireland father, that were both heavily affiliated in the mob. John ran the roadways in Sammy "The Bull’s" "muscle crew", and Andrea regulated all the NYC mobsters" underground card games. When Brittany to be a young girl she parents were arrested yet her mother convinced her dad to cooperate for this reason she can avoid jail time and also raise the kids.

Now at twenty-four, Brittany is a stunning, sexy, up-and-coming model. If she might look delicate and also poised - don"t be fooled. Brittany has actually a mouth ~ above her and she"s no afraid to usage it. She is out-spoken and also well spoken, which causes the various other ladies to easily feel outwitted.

Brittany was elevated by a solid mother and also a fierce grandmother, that themselves to be no strangers to the life, so Brittany traction no punches. Farming up in a residence with 3 older brothers, Brittany was compelled to speak she mind – which deserve to be tricky in a male-dominated lifestyle.

After his relax from prison, Brittany and also her father"s relationship seems tumultuous at best. John might be out of jail yet with Brittany he"s still on probation. Man is old school and opinionated when Brittany is new school and opinionated. Their daddy/daughter dynamic is much more like shooting powder – highly explosive. Just time will certainly tell if they"ll have the ability to move pass their past and forge any type of kind of a future together.

Marissa is the fifty percent Italian, half Chinese bombshell who has been make her very own money due to the fact that she to be 14. While her beauty is undeniable, she flourished up a tomboy with 6 brothers that taught her exactly how to fend because that herself. Although she was born and raised in Staten Island, Marissa prides herself on reasoning "outside of the box" that is Staten Island.

Marissa is date reformed street guy and mob muscle OZ, that she has actually known for practically a decade. When they first met she to be traveling for modeling gigs and also didn"t want to be tied down to a guy who was always in the streets. Marissa"s instincts were accurate - OZ wound up gaining pinched in a bust that earned that a five years bid. In Marissa"s words, "OZ took his bid choose a man. He preserved his mouth shut and also stayed faithful - that"s what ns love about him." OZ thrived up as a close friend of Drita and also her husband Lee and also Renee and Karen. After acquiring out that jail, OZ and Marissa reunited. OZ has because turned his life around and also is a full time foreman in the union.

These days Marissa proceeds using she sex appeal come brand herself. She is doing a Playboy magazine spread in the near future and also she has even been supplied as a muse for a comic book. Destiny, Queen Of theif is a character based on Marissa"s look and attitude the was produced by an artist that met her. Marissa admits, "Destiny is prefer me. She uses her bad-ass looks and also sometimes illegal relationships to take anyone down who is trying to make a move in she territory."

Marissa prides it s her on being real, honest, driven, and someone girlfriend would desire in your corner. She has actually patience but if you push her past the point, you room going to wish you never ever met her. "Not just is mine tongue together sharp together knives, but my fists are even sharper."

Seasons 4 + 5

Growing up in the heart of south Philadelphia, Natalie Guercio has been surrounding by the mob lifestyle her entire life. Because the 1950s Natalie"s family has lived in, owned, and also operated the Carto Funeral Home, well-known on the roads as Philly"s preferred funeral house for linked men and their families. End the year Carto has hidden a digital who"s that of the Philadelphia underworld consisting of Michael "Mikey Chang" Ciancaglini, Chickie Narducci, Frankie Baldino and also Anthony "Blonde Babe" Pungitore. Natalie and also fellow new Mob Wife, Alicia, run in the same Philly circles and also their family members have been linked through the years.

A single mom to she 9-year old son, Nunzio, Natalie took end the family company in 2011 through plans of returning it come its former glory. Attractive to street men all her life, Natalie"s at this time trying to day someone a tiny less connected. At least for now. When this sexy Sicilian siren offers off a cool very first impression, under the surface ar she is pure fire -- ready to burn anyone that gets in she way.

Season 5

Natalie DiDonato (aka "Nat D") is the cousin that Philadelphia Bruno Crime family members associate candid "Frankie Flowers" D"Alfonso. Her cousin to be murdered in the infamous Philly mob War in between the Scarfo and also the Merlino clans.

Born and raised in the tiny town of southern Philadelphia, Natalie is no stranger to the street life, however she keeps her legit side hustles going managing a regional DJ and also million dollar residential property listings. Nat D has worked to save herself the end of the criminal lifestyle but has a weak spot for the hot-tempered street males who always bring her earlier to the life.

With the aid of she uncle, Nat D has been working on her fighting an abilities since she was 8 years old, training at among Philadelphia"s most renowned boxing gyms. Nat D"s a scrappy, quick-witted, no-nonsense chick known around town because that her median left hook and never backing under from a fight against a woman...or a man.

Season 4

Alicia DiMichele Garofalo is the mam of alleged Colombo gangster Edward "The high Guy" Garofalo (whose father to be allegedly killed by Sammy "The Bull" Gravano). Farming up, Alicia couldn"t have been additional removed from the mafia lifestyle. She was raised in a traditional, close-knit, working Italian family. Her father, an avid sports fan like most Philadelphians, died when she to be 16 year old. In honor of him, Alicia master Sunday Funday every week in ~ her house where the entire family comes end to clock sports and also eat pasta. She is very close through her family, and also has a self-professed obsession through her brothers whom she look at at the very least 3-5 time a week. She and her brother likewise own a boutique clothing company together.

Married in ~ a young age, Alicia has actually an older son (Anthony, 18) native her an initial marriage. ~ leaving her wealthy very first husband and his money behind, Alicia set out to do a life because that her and also her young son. If waitressing and also working as an executive, management assistant, she took on a fairytale partnership with the man of her desires -- or therefore she thought. It wasn"t until after Alicia married Edward that she obtained her an initial glimpse at the inner workings of the mob. While she husband make the efforts to shelter her from his lifestyle, tiny by tiny she met few of his friends and became really close come them. At some point she and also her husband began a trucking company. Alicia ran the business end that the firm and ultimately ended up being arrested alongside her husband and also other Colombo gangsters, "earning" it s her her own charges that fraud and embezzlement (to which she pled guilty). She is right now awaiting sentencing and also is dealing with 0-6 month in jail or house arrest.

With her husband away in prison and also facing a much longer sentence, Alicia has had to learn once again to stand on her very own two feet. She and Edward have actually two young youngsters together, for this reason she is now the care giver and also provider for 3 young males -- Anthony, 18, Rocco 11, and Carlo 8. She is the mother, the father, the provider, the taxi, you name it. Alicia tells her guys the truth about her and their father"s situation and also has determined to deal with it head on, with each other as a family. Alicia"s husband is a long-time friend of both Renee and also Ang, however now the he"s behind bars she is reaching out to them to obtain some indict on exactly how to resolve her brand-new situation -- something castle both have much too much experience handle with.

Dubbed "Wise Gal" and "Columbette" by the media due to the fact that of her arrest, Alicia considers it s her a warrior -- she has been with a lot. She go what she wants and also she"s a pressure to be reckoned with. She is a fun, fearless, fabulous fashionista that loves and adores her 3 sons and her husband, back in she mind, he has a lot to comprise for once he return from jail--and she plans to make him pay!

Seasons 2 + 3

Ramona Rizzo is no stranger to the mob lifestyle. She is the granddaughter of the notorious Benjamin Ruggiero aka "Lefty Guns" that was play by Al Pacino in the movie Donnie Brasco.

Ramona prospered up v Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano together they all common a comparable mafia upbringing in Staten Island. Ramona and also Karen prospered up an extremely close. They have been together since the period of two, make their very first communions together, and also even describe themselves together "cousins". Although no blood related, some would say they space closer than some cousins who are.

What was various for Ramona was the although her family members was connected, castle tried to store it very secret, even amongst their own community. They specifically tried to save it from your children. Ramona, who had actually a an extremely close bond through her grandfather, longed for a various life as she was really turned off by the fact that he had actually to invest so numerous years in prison.

Enamored by the finer things in life, she didn"t turn too far away from her upbringing, even though she married a man of Arab descent. His service dealings were also connected to "the lifestyle". Ramona"s family was no happy with her selection as they wanted so much more for your daughter - a doctor, a lawyer, a legit man. Ramona ran off v her soon-to-be husband and also father of her four kids. They lived the high life until Ramona discovered that she husband"s business was still built on lies and also deception. They relocated from mansion to mansion in the United says to palaces in the center East. As soon as Ramona tried to divorce him, he refused to permit her leave his country. Stuck in Jordan for 2 years, she fought tooth and also nail to obtain herself and her kids back to the joined States, also though her husband told her that if she leaves, she leaves v nothing. But this grasp manipulator might not protect against Ramona, and she has actually returned to the U.S. So the she can give her children a "normal" lifestyle.

Upon return to the States, she was confronted with the repercussions of she husband"s organization misdeeds and also had two criminal cases against her. She is currently on her own raising four children without the way she to be accustomed to her entire life. Challenging as nails, Ramona is determined to obtain her life back on track, make amends with her parents, trust a male again, and give her children the lifestyle she had farming up. Nothing have the right to stand in she way..."cause she will certainly knock it down.

Season 3

With the addition of Love Majewski, a hot-tempered lot moll involved six time (often to notorious criminals) but, never ever married -- jealousy is in the waiting igniting new Staten Island scuffles. A scrappy, rapid witted loosened cannon known about town because that stabbing, slicing, and poisoning ex-lovers, Love is looking for love in every the wrong places -- but, she won"t take sh*t from any man...or woman.

Born and also raised in Staten Island, Love Majewski is no stranger to "the life". Of Puerto Rican and Polish descent, Love was presented to the underworld as a very young girl. She met childhood friends, Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo, in high school and they"ve been associated ever since.

Over the years, Love was engaged six times and also romantically affiliated with detailed wise guys including mob turncoat kris Paciello who brought down several high ranking members that the Bonnano Family, and Ray Merolle, the head of The Untouchables - the Staten Island car theft ring claimed to have actually inspired the movie Gone In 60 Seconds.

Love at some point ran far from a life that crime to avoid arrest and imprisonment. Fearing the FBI would make she testify versus her previous lovers, Love fled the united States and lived overseas for several years to stop cooperation. When her two well known exes" trials were over and also both to be in prison, Love deemed it safe to return to new York. Despite movie and also book supplies alike, she has maintained her silence and also kept your secrets.

While back in the U.S., Love developed a new identity as a make-up artist and engaged again living under the radar. It to be a straightforward knock in ~ the door the would finish it all. The authorities discovered her and also came as soon as again for details on she exes. Worried about the hazard she could lug by hiding she past, Love confessed to she fiancé. He insisted she leave v nothing. Armed with just $20 in she pocket, no car, and no home, she reclaimed her past and returned to the place where that all began - Staten Island.

Angelina Jolie"s personality in the function film Gone In 60 seconds was based upon events surrounding Love"s previous life. Today, Love is solitary and the owner the her very own cosmetic line, Veritas Cosmetics.

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Mob Wives adheres to the lives of a team of ("according come the commonwealth government") connected women at a crossroads, struggling to develop their very own identities and carry ~ above while your loved ones perform time for mob-related activities. The tight-knit team of women battle their friends, families and also one an additional as they try to execute what's ideal for themselves, their children and their futures.