Remember the internet sensation, Irvin Randle? Maybe you understand him by his hashtag ” Mr. Steal Your Grandma”. Randle went viral as womales everywhere the world sent crazy over his stylish looks as he appeared to rock a beard prefer no various other.

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Womales wanted to understand more around the mystery man in skinny jeans. We quickly learned that the well-dressed, impeccably groomed gentleguy was a Houston educator with a clear interemainder in style and also fashion.

Many world suspected that he was gay as he seemed to don clothing that were feminine. However before, Randle assured America that he was not gay but ssuggest a male that cared around his appearance.

Well, a male named Ahmad Booth is singing a different tune as he took to Instagram to share a “tbt” photo of him with Randle claiming that they dated.



shad0102 #tbt 😊 birthday week via the ex yet pass is the pass #goodtimes

Is it possible that the photos were photoshopped? This wouldn’t be the first time that someone edited photos placing themselves in a photo through Randle.

Randle even took to Facebook to address the gay rumors as soon as he first started trfinishing on social media. He stated that he had nopoint versus gays and that young guys were jealous of his brand-new discovered fame.


Women all across the world were going crazy over the hot Grandpa, however it’s looking choose Mr. Randle may be checking for the grandpas instead!

Here are more pics from Instagram user;
shad0102 that common these pics over the previous year.



But… RT
MissPerryBabi: I'm not the leastern bit surprised about Mr. Steal Your Grandma

— Vic Damone Jr. Jr (
MrJRadford) September 16, 2016

So Mr. Steal Your Grandma is actually Mr. Steal Your Grandpa.

— Rell Lauren (
jhawkins826) September 16, 2016

Wait so mr steal your grandma is gay? Or is that photoshop?

— T (
AverageGirlT) September 15, 2016

Why I simply view a pic of Mr. Steal your Grandma with his boyfriend? I intend ex boyfrifinish

— Tam Savage (
BlkGrlsDontDate) September 16, 2016

How Did All Of This Happen?

One day, Irvin Randle was simply a Houston, Texas, elementary college teacher. Then, he became something even more. He came to be #MrStealYourGrandma.

Randle, a native Houstonian, had actually taken a photo of himself via a selfie stick, which, via the magic of the Web, took on a life of its own; the older man’s great looks and also suave fashion feeling made his Instagram precisely the kind of viral sensation the internet sprouts eexceptionally week.

“I’ve always had this type of capability for fashion and also as soon as I was younger, I’d look in the GQ magazine and say, ‘I want to dress prefer that.”

And it transforms out that the 54-year-old was prepared for his unexpected celebrity, just by coincidence.

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“Now we are in 2016, I begin buying things a tiny tighter for me, you understand, I shelp, ‘Why not? I’m a papa, I job-related out, let me present the grandmas what they want to job-related via,"” he told Houston’s KHOU.