My ex boyfrifinish won't leave me alone and appears to be escalating, however I'm not sure if acquiring a restraining order will certainly make it much better or worse.

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A little bit info: We dated for 2 years. We have actually been broken up for over a year. He damaged up via me, however quickly changed his mind and made a decision he still wanted to date- I shelp no. At initially we were on good terms, however he would certainly go through waves of trying to be my frifinish and also then shift to anger and also self pity so I would soptimal talking to him. He'd apologize profusely and also say he was "over me," and also that he was ready to be friends. This got old fast.

Eight months later I began dating someone else. He made some suicide references, I told him this upset me and also to leave me alone, he apologized and also stopped. For the complying with 6 months he has actually tried to call me briefly at times, I have just told him I have no interemainder in talking to him. He has tried to contact some of my friends and family at various times likewise.

Today, entirely out of the blue, he wrote on an old photo of me on my boyfriends instagram to 'not waste his time.' Boyfrifinish responded, and also ex sort of started to escalate. I texted him to leave me, my bf, and also fam alone- and also was type of shocked at just how he was speaking... He spouted off some stuff about me being a afflict, and a virus. Shelp he hated me and I damaged him. He retained trying to insult my bf that I asked to overlook it, so then he lastly responded to me. I asked his sister to calm him dvery own, she shelp he won't listen and also is irrational. He started texting me repetitively that his household hates me almost as a lot as he does and just calling me names. I threatened a restraining order, and also he simply keeps saying he desires me to feel the pain he felt, but that he's over it and doesn't even want to soptimal to me (which doesn't make feeling bereason he keeps talking when I ask him to soptimal.)

What involves me is that this came out of nowright here. We haven't spoken at all in a couple of months, and also last time we spoke he sassist things like "take treatment, I'm sorry for upsetting you in the previous, hope you're happy." Now he is so angry and hateful, and I don't recognize where it came from.

I don't want to thrconsumed the restraining order and not perform it, because if he does this aget it could be harder to soptimal him from responding to it.... yet I'm came to that it will certainly go on his document, or his employers will certainly be informed which would simply make him angrier and more spiteful. He doesn't also sound like himself, and to be perfectly hocolony I feel prefer he's a little unstable ideal now.

My mom desires me to go to the courthouse through her tomorrow and also file one, I'm just wondering what the effects could be, bereason if I explain it to him probably he will certainly obtain a grip and speak.

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Tl;dr- Ex has actually gone a little off the deep finish. Wondering what results a restraining order would have actually on him or what it would certainly entail, because I'm nervous around resulting in needmuch less damage.... however really can't attend to a lot even more.