A spin on the No. 1 display in Australia, it\"s the an initial culinary relocate the network has actually made without golden boy Gordon Ramsay.

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Fox is heading right into the kitchen without Gordon Ramsay. The network has ordered a season that celebrity cooking competition My Kitchen Rules, marking its first culinary foray there is no the reality mainstay.

Based ~ above the Australian ratings juggernaut of the same name, My Kitchen Rules pits celebrity pairings against one an additional in a dinner party battle royale. Groups take transforms hosting intimate shindigs in Hollywood homes, food preparation for both your rivals and judges (restaurateurs and TV personalities Curtis stone and Cat Cora). Escalating vain will get rid of a various duo until only one team remains.

My Kitchen Rules is the No. 1 entertainment regimen in Australia for five years running, the 2015 and also 206 finales topping all other events on the calendar. Recent history has proven that kind of success is difficult to duplicate in translation come U.S. Audiences. The great British bake Off, i beg your pardon boasts similar ratings highs in the U.K., has been test by both CBS and ABC to lackluster results.


For the inaugural season, Fox has cast a lot of of family members members — v the teams consisting that ‘N Sync member Lance Bass and his mother, R&B brother Brandy and also Ray J, Andrew Dice Clay and also wife Valerie Silverstein, Naomi Judd and husband Larry Strickland and reality star Brandi Glanville and her, to quote a press release, “best friend” Dean Sheremet. (The latter pair met once their corresponding ex-spouses, Eddie Cibrian and also LeAnn Rimes, left them for each other.)

Behind the scenes, Fox has actually tapped Utopia and also Dancing v the Stars veteran Conrad Green and Kenny Rosen as executive producers. Haling from Australia’s seven Productions, it’s a rarely foodie style that that doesn’t have actually Ramsay attached. The MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen executive, management producer and also host currently has four collection on the Fox airwaves.

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This is no the an initial celebrity-focused food competition for Fox this year. One-of-a-kind MasterChef Celebrity Showdown aired in January. Expect an ext unscripted orders indigenous Fox over the comes year. V American Idol currently gone, the No. 3 network has quite a empty hours on the schedule to fill for the 2016-17 season.