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My brand-new Haircut is a comedy skit around a stereotypical Guido known as "the Broski" and also his night out on the town v a team of friends. Because its YouTube debut in June 2007, the video has inspired considerable collection of parodies featuring alternate monologues and also references to other social and also racial stereotypes or subcultures.

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The original video clip was created by Brett Tietjen and also uploaded via YouTube channel mca1018<5> top top June 10th, 2007. Collection to Corey Hart’s 1984 hit single “Sunglasses at Night”<1> together background music, the skit mainly consists of the Broski"s boastful monologues if grooming self in preparation for a night that barhopping. Some of the highlights encompass his monologue about his haircut, a greatly gelled blowout<6> additionally known as a holy place Fade<7> or Brooklyn Fade, and cut scenes of himself primping in former of a mirror, lifting at the gym and also yelling "Jagerbombs" at a bar.

Before the original video clip was eliminated in December 2011, it had gained an ext than 31 million views.<8> top top December 16th, 2011, the video clip was renewed again by YouTuber MrBroskiTV<9>, whereby it has accumulated more than a million views together of September 2012.


The day after the video was common on YouTube, it to be re uploaded come MySpace.<9> The following month, that was additionally shared top top CollegeHumor<10> and also I am Bored.<11> ~ above October 3rd, 2007, among the an initial parody videos title “My brand-new Shape Up” was uploaded through YouTuber RiCanSuaVe79, that stars in the video to talk about his Shape-Up<12> haircut, or a close cut around the hairline.

As that September 2012, Tietjen maintains a on facebook page<13>, a YouTube account<14>, two Twitter accounts<15><16>, a Tumblr<17> and also an Instagram<18> under the guise of the Broski. Additionally, MyNewHaircut.com<19> was created in November 2011 come collect all of Tietjen"s videos and also social network postings. In spite of having an official Facebook page<13>, one older pan page<20> has gained an ext than 5000 likes.

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In January 2008, digital remix artist Joe Sabia<22> posted a video clip titled "The reality Behind My brand-new Haircut" to YouTube. He asserted that "My new Haircut" to be a blatant rip turn off of one essay title "Look in ~ My striped Shirt"<24> composed by Mike Polk for the now-defunct website Phat Phree on march 18th, 2005. A live performance by Polk"s lay out comedy team Last call Cleveland was uploaded<23> to YouTube on august 31st, 2006. The monologue shares plenty of of the exact same phrases together "My new Haircut," had references come "Jagerbombs," "Skanks" and also calling civilization "Chief." Though over there is no proof Polk himself ever sought out credit transaction for the idea, the situation was covered by the new York time Magazine blog<4> ~ above January 31st, 2008.