Would you say "My very own self is doing his homework" or "My very own self is doing my homework"? Or is it wrong to usage "my own self" in this way?

Technically, I think it must be feasible also if not commonly provided (browsing on google offers no results; never check out anypoint that resembles via this structure) and I"m more inclined in the direction of the former. But both of them sound unorganic.

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Context: I was composing a blog article when I occurred to simply write the adhering to sentence down:

Deadline is knocking on the door prefer my very own decrepit self banging hishead on the wall.

On reanalysis, I realized that it sounds off. I"m certain I deserve to phrase it differently if it concerns that, yet I"d choose to know anymethod.

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"My very own self is doing his homework"; "My own self is doing my homework"

I agree through the
seventyeightist"s comment - this is a "poetic" intake of English. And I would say "self" is in the 3rd perkid, so "his" or "her" renders even more sense than "my". But - I think your blog write-up has a much more likely usage - "my own decrepit self" sounds better than "my own self", because the use of a modifier in the middle renders the use of "my very own self" sound less gratuitous. So I would say either "My very own decrepit self is doing his homework-related," or sindicate "I am doing my homework." And certainly don"t usage the reflexive object pronoun "myself" as the topic - as in, "Myself is doing my homework"- that would be exceptionally wrong.

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Example: "I finished up having actually to take care of it my very own self."

The -own- in "my own self" ("myownself"/my-own-self) is a sort of indeal with (as opposed to a presettle or a suffix) that intensifies the reflexivity of the pronoun "myself."

Anvarious other example of infixation: unbe-fuckin-lievable.

It"s my strong impression that this is mostly an African American Vernacular English create -- or mainly Southern?

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