Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home - Trainer +14 v1.041
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Trainer +36 v1.0
Forza Horizon 4: Trainer +7 v1.474.683.0
No Man's Sky: BEYOND - Trainer +28 v3.6 Frontiers » Trainers » My Time at Portia: Trainer +21 (FINAL 2.0.139880)

Activating this trainer:

If not state otherwise listed below, push F1 at main menu.

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Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.

Press desired hotessential. All hotkeys have the right to be readjusted on the trainer.

Promo Options:

Separator: Super Speed

Trainer Options:

# Player

NumPad1: Infinite Health

NumPad2: Infinite Stamina

NumPad3: Endless Dash

NumPad4: Limitless Endurance

NumPad5: Change Money

NumPad6: Refill EXP To Next off Level Up

NumPad7: Change Skill Points

NumPad8: Change Workshop Points

# Items

NumPad9: Endless Quickslot Items

Multiply: Unlock All Inventory Slots

# Misc

Add: Super Jump

Separator: Super Speed

Subtract: Free Crafting

Decimal: Instant Crafting Speed

Divide: Perfect Relationships

# Minigames

F1: Almeans Victory RPS

F2: Easy Fishing

F3: Almethods Win Spare

F4: Easy Taming

# Player

F5: Freeze Time

F6: Speed Up Time

Editor Options:

# Player:

Total EXP


Current EXP

Next Level EXP

Total Skill Points

Current Skill Points


# Workshop:


Workshop Points


Change Money:

Press hotkey and also open your inventory screen to check out it has actually changed.

Refill EXP To Next Level Up:

Press hotkey and your EXP will be set closely to necessary EXP for following level up. Now acquire at leastern 1 EXP in the game to level up.

Change Skill Points:

First open up your character screen wbelow your ability points are present. Press hotcrucial close and reopen up the character display screen to view it has actually readjusted.

Change Workshop Points:

Visit guild and go to the ranking board and also open up it. Now push hotvital or use editor. You may must get some points without cheating prior to it saves your cheated amount.

Limitless Quickslot Items:

While active the items in your quickslot bar continues to be unlimited.

Unlock All Inventory Slots:

Press hotcrucial and also open your inventory to see all slots are unlocked.

Free Crafting:

While at crafting table active this option and you can craft everything. If you have actually the compelled materials they will gain removed, if not nopoint happens however item gets crafted. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ANYWHERE ELSE!

Perfect Relationships:

While active open up the connection screen.

Almethods Success Spare:

Activate this after founding a spar round and hit your opponent as soon as. Deactivate this after you have won.

Easy Taming:

While active begin tame minigame and also you instantly succeed.

Workshop' Level:

Visit guild and go to the ranking board and also open it. You might have to get some points without cheating before it conserves your cheated amount.

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Workshop' Workshop Points:

Visit guild and also go to the ranking board and also open up it. You may have to acquire some points without cheating before it saves your cheated amount.