Get to Kcurrently Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young, The Memorable Couple in WGM

Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young was among the many memorable couples on the show We Got Married. Their onscreen chemisattempt was visible and their connection appeared real. Hong Jin-young’s cheerful character and Nam Gung-min’s attentive character was the perfect combicountry for a effective We Got Married couple.

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The couple travecaused Saipan, Thailand and Macau while filming for the series. The couple’s episodes were fun to watch and lasted over a year. They are well-known as a perfect body couple. Let’s uncover out more about their memorable moments on We Got Married in this occupychristmas.org write-up. Stay tuned!


First Meeting


Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young met for the initially time on March 22nd, 2014. They met on top of Hakdong Park. At first, Nam Gung-min was surprised upon seeing her because Hong Jin-young was among MC Panel of the present. He assumed that it was a covert camera. Hong Jin-young was surprised and nervous because she’d checked out him prior to yet had actually forgotten his name.

They were nervous at initially, yet as quickly as they started to eat together the setting come to be heat and also comfortable. He revealed that he had bit suffer through woguys bereason he attfinished boys middle and also high college and majored design through only few female students. However, He confessed that he likes bappropriate and cheerful woguys.

Both Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young uncovered that they common a disprefer of a faking and also pretfinishing opposite gender. They preferred a person behaving as their true character.



Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young held a marriage ceremony on a boat in Saipan. Hong Jin-young was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress while Nam Gung-min was dressed in white pants and shirt spanned via blue suit jacket. It was a windy and shaky wedding. Other than the couple, other attendees were the priest and also music crew dressed in typical outfits. After the priest declared they were husband and wife, Nam Gung-min provided her the initially kiss on her cheek. He likewise ready a bracelet as a wedding gift for her.



Their wedding and also honeymoon area were in the same location, Saipan. Their initially mission as a couple was that Nam Gung-min must offer her a piggyago ride without her poignant the ground on their way to their room. Hong Jin-young appreciated the minute as she perched comfortably while her husband also struggled to lug her and their luggage at the exact same time.

Later on, they delighted in time together at the swimming pool after a romantic and luxurious dinner on the beach. Nam Gung-min confessed that her figure in a bikini was too sexy for him to just look her in the eyes. At the pool, he rerelocated his shirt and revealed his perfectly-made washboard abs and also fit body. Hong Jin-young couldn’t help however praise her husband’s perfect body. She was unable to look anypoint various other than his abs. Throughout a solo intercheck out she called Nam Goong-min her “abs husband”.

Other romantic Moments and skinship


Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young went on a pilgrimage to Macau. They took a gondola ride to travel an synthetic river inside a shopping facility. Tright here were only the two of them accompanied by the woman steering the gondola.

During their ride, they were holding hands and the gondola boatwomale serenaded the couple with a beautiful song. The couple was amazed and touched by the boatwoman’s effective and also beautiful voice. It was a super romantic minute. Touched by the romantic setting, the couple kissed as soon as they were under a bridge. It was an obligatory kiss for eextremely couple riding a gondola under a bridge. At the first bridge, he kissed her on her cheek yet at the last bridge, he kissed her on her lips.

On an additional episode, the couple functioned out together at the gym. Nam Gung-min made a decision to exercise his top body and suggested that rather of lifting dumbbells, he might lift her body for his top body workout. While he was laying dvery own and also dealing with the ceiling, she laid dvery own on optimal of his hands. Without hesitation, he efficiently lifted her upward several times while saying just how light she was. They were both surprised that he regulated to lift her easily.



Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young joined We Got Married as a pair in early on March, 2014, and also then said farewell in March, 2015, after being an ondisplay screen married couple for a year. They obtained most good responses from viewers because of their ondisplay screen chemistry and skinship in the time of the shooting.

They parted methods officially in the very same location that they had actually organized their wedding photoshoot. Both were tearful and couldn’t hide their feelings. Nam Gung-min offered Hong Jin-young a message as his online wife. He sassist that they produced wonderful memories together and also he will remember her and also be grateful for his perfect wife.

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Hong Jin-young responded by giving a performance for her virtual husband also. She sassist that she was grateful for his being her husband and her ideal frifinish at the very same time. She regretted that she didn’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘give thanks to you’ whenever before feasible.