Sir Paul McCartney will apparently marry his fiancée Nancy Shevell this weekend in one intimate exclusive ceremony in ~ his Sussex farmhouse.
In may this year Paul McCartney notice his engagement come the American heiress Nancy Shevell and also the occupychristmas.orguple now setup an intimate wedding this weekend. The occupychristmas.orguple flew back to the UK last week from new York come finalise the wedding to plan for their reportedly tiny wedding at the Beatles stars Sussex farmhouse with simply close friends and also family. A source said that the occupychristmas.orguple “are very excited and almost everything is in place. Friends and family have been placed on standby.” This week the Sussex farm house has had actually deliveries of chairs, Champaign flutes and much more ready for the quiet wedding this weekend. The occupychristmas.orguple that live between the UK and brand-new York have occupychristmas.orgmpromised on your wedding ar as they setup to have the awareness y in the UK and then fly ago To NYC to celebrate the wedding through close America pals. This will be Paul’s third marriage, ~ his famous divorce in 2008 through ex model - pagan Mills and also his an initial marriage come his sweetheart, Linda McCartney in 1969, v whom he had three children and embraced Linda’s daughter Heather. The new Yorker Nancy Shevell is also a divorcee ~ her an initial marriage. The occupychristmas.orguple have already selected your wedding rings to go with Nancy’s 5 carat vintage engagement ring and also are both frilled to be tying the knot this weekend.
Paul McCartney’s seoccupychristmas.orgnd marriage was to ex design Heather Mills in 2002, that is substantially younger climate McCartney. Paul met Heather in ~ a charity occasion in London in 1999. Paul proposed to Heather in July top top 2001 v a £13,281 diamond a sa pphire engagement ring. The wedding apparently occupychristmas.orgst £2.1 million and also took ar in the 1,000-acer legacy - lock Leslie in Ireland. Guest at the w edding had Beatle band mate Ringo Star, popular music sensation Twiggy, sir Elton John, Jools Holland and also Paul’s 4 children. Throughout their married life the occupychristmas.orguple had actually a daughter together – Beatrice McCartney. Your marriage ended in 2006 ~ a mutual agreement to separate. The divorce was lastly resolved in 2008, and also Heather obtained a negotiation of 23.7 million – one of the many expensive divorce settlements in history.
Paul’s very first marriage was to the love of his life and the so late Linda McCartney. Their marriage was among the entertainment and also celebrity industries longest and most successful marriages. Paul met Linda in 1967 in Lon don, telling the world it to be love at an initial site. The night the pair met was at a society in London, which they called their first date together. It wasn’t till a year later the occupychristmas.orguple met increase again and also their connection began. Paul and also Linda married in 1969 in a register Office in Westminster, London, Linda’s daughter Heather indigenous a previous partnership attended the wedding. I m so sad in 1998 Linda passed away leaving Paul heart-broken. We are hoping the Paul’s marital relationship to Nancy Shevell goes fine this weekend and also they have a happy marriage life together.

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