A must get for Naruto fans.

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Tomy hits the mark again with their newest release for the Nintendo DS, Naruto RPG 2: Chidori vs. Rasengan. I think this is the first RPG released for the Nintendo DS, I"m not sure, but this is definitely one of the best RPG experiences I"ve had on any handheld.Storyline:The game focuses on the two main characters of the series, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. While both of them grew up as loners, their backgrounds are very different. Naruto has a demon fox with nine tails living inside of him. 12 years ago, the demon fox known as the Kyuubi attacked Konoha Village, but the fourth Hokage (the village leader) sacrificed his life to defeat the Kyuubi by sealing it in a newborn baby. The fourth hoped for Naruto to be known as a hero, but the boy grew up being hated by everyone for they believe he is the fox. Naruto hopes to change this by becoming a great ninja so everyone can respect him. Meanwhile, Sasuke had a nice childhood until his brother killed his entire family in front of his eyes, and left him with words to run away and become stronger. Sasuke ignores the attention he gets and focuses on killing his older brother. Despite that, Naruto and Sasuke end up on a team together, along with their third teammate Sakura, their adventure continues in this sequel.Gameplay:This is definitely the biggest higlight of this game. Battles take place on the touch screen. This is like a normal RPG and a strategy RPG fused into one. Your party consisting of three characters is on one side and your enemies are on another. By pressing the Y button, you move your character to a different part of the field. Being in the front row lets you do a lot more damage, but you receive a lot of damage in return. Being in the back row increases your defense, but you won"t do as much damage. It"s a lot of fun moving your characters around the field to counter your enemy"s tactics. The touch screen comes into play when your characters use special techniques known as jutsu. Depending on the jutsu, you do two different things. You may have to scratch the symbol to build up a bar so your jutsu will be strong, or you"ll have to scratch the symbol to keep the bar from dropping down. It works well for this type of game. You can also switch characters in battle without using a turn, so you can come up with a lot of nice strategies. It"s rather easy to level up, but the difficulty of bosses counter that, because they can be very difficult. Graphics:I won"t lie, it"s a bit disappointing that the game still uses GBA graphics...this game could"ve been done on the GBA. However, it still looks nice...it definitely has the look of a SNES game. Everything"s colorful, attacks from the series are well represented.Music:Some of the music from the first game is still around, but has been remixed to sound better. A nice improvement. The music is great to listen to. What"s really good about this game is that the characters now have voices in battle. They are taken from the Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 game, but nonetheless they are good to have. Even important enemies like Orochimaru and Itachi have voices, which is a nice touch.For the DS"s first RPG, Naruto RPG 2 is amazing. As a Naruto fan, I can say that this game is mind blowing...and the story arcs that take place in this game won"t disappoint anyone. There are even a few minor differences in the story, but overall it"s quite enjoyable.

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The game can be beaten in about 10 hours, but you can still see how your team ranks against a friend"s, or take Ibiki"s challenges of fighting tough enemies. This game is worth your money.