Matthew Lewis likewise revealed i m sorry members that the harry Potter actors he's quiet close friends with in real life.

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Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis is opened up around playing Neville Longbottom and also he just let slip part crazy information.

It's safe to say that the Harry Potter films wouldn't it is in the same without Matthew Lewis taking on the duty of Neville. The star embodied the character so perfectly that he stays a fan favourite every these years later. Native his debut in Harry Potter and also the Philosopher's Stone come his performance in Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows - component 2, he constantly did Neville justice.

Now, Matthew is reminiscing on his time in the hit franchise and also he simply revealed that he had actually to wear \"vile\" cheek-padding in the later films because he shed weight in in between production and no much longer looked prefer the same Neville as he at first did.

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Neville Longbottom actor had to stay \"vile\" cheek-padding in take care of Potter after shedding weight. Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage, Warner Bros. Pictures

Speaking come Metro, Matthew revealed: \"It taken place when i came ago from the rest in between films two and also three. It was a slightly longer break 보다 normal because they had shifted native a winter to a summer blockbuster, and when ns came earlier I was lot taller 보다 everyone else and, ns guess, thinner than I had actually been.\" And, here's wherein the padding comes in.

He climate said: \"Producer David heyman assures me that was never ever a discussion around recasting yet they had to perform something. For this reason they tried stuffing mine cheeks v cotton wool, which to be disgusting, climate they cut these bits of sponge from biology effects and also put them in there. Yet they just took in saliva therefore after a full day the was f***ing vile!\"

Matthew added: \"Then I had actually the shoes the were two sizes also big, the plastic behind the ear to make them rod forward, the false teeth. Currently I would more than likely love that stuff, it’s an excellent for acquiring into character, but ago then, age 14, i was like, 'Fuck this! This is not component of the deal!' however now, ten, 15 year later, ns don’t begrudge it in ~ all.\"

Matthew Lewis quiet remembers his time in harry Potter as Neville fondly. Picture: Getty

Matthew likewise let slip who he's closest come from the cast. He stated: \"Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas) was most likely my best friend on set. He is the smartest male I know and so humble. We’ve yes, really hit it off again and we have been chatting rather a little bit the last couple of months.\"