Nick Townsfinish perdeveloped James Bay’s “Hold Back the River” on Sunday night’s “American Idol.” The judges said it wasn’t his best performance.

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Nick Townsend shows up on the the April 3, 2019, episode of "American Idol," wright here he percreated in Hawaii.

Townsfinish, 26, graduated from Tekamah-Herguy High School. Afterward, he joined the perdeveloping arts college of the Young Americans perdeveloping troupe. He has taught and also percreated throughout the U.S. and abroad.

After being selected in the time of the show’s Hollylumber Week, Townsfinish and the rest of the peak 40 contestants performed at a resort in Hawaii.

Each contestant sang on the beach in front of a live audience and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. After each performance, the judges sat dvery own via the contestants one-by-one to expose their fate.

“Last night was probably not your best and also ideal performance we’ve seen. And it’s obtaining to the suggest of the competition wright here everybody had actually to be at the height of their game,” Bryan told Townsfinish. “Now we’re dvery own to the service of a competition. This is a challenging one.”

Bryan and the other judges were lugged to tears at Townsend’s audition in the beginning of the seachild, as soon as Townsend revealed that he was motivated to store perdeveloping after his two brothers passed away from self-destruction.

“Losing both my brothers (was) a minute in life that absolutely specifies you. I can’t offer up,” Townsend shelp Sunday night. “It’s tiring periodically, yet I recognize they’re below still lifting me up. When I walked onstage, I looked at the moon and assumed of Zack and also Matt, and also it was glowing so bappropriate. It was perfect.”

“I was so proud of Nick. I couldn’t sheight smiling. My cheeks were hurting,” she shelp. “My brothers are cheering via me. I’m their voice currently because they’re not below.”

Unfortunately, the performance didn’t go well for Townsfinish. Despite that, the judges had kind words for him.

“It’s very heavy on our hearts to let you know that you’re not in our optimal 20,” Bryan said. “We desire to lift you up and let you understand that you are exponentially talented. Do not slow-moving down in this musical dream.”

“Do you realize just how many people you’ve inspired?” Richie added. “Do you understand just how many type of human being you’ve saved?”

“Amerideserve to Idol” will continue. The display broadcasts on Sundays and Mondays on ABC. “Idol” commonly names a winner and also wraps up in late May.

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Nebraska native Nick Townsend has been greatly featured on "American Idol." Here"s some info about him.

Giebler auditioned for judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and also Luke Bryan, performing an original song and also Bob Dylan"s "Make You Feel My Love," she described on social media.