When we asked blades if his ex-girlfriend, who listed inspiration because that this track knew it was about her, he replied: \"Probably not. Probably better that way.\"
The music video features Macha Bennet-Shephard, who also starred in the \"Sister Christian\" video. MTV was great to Night Ranger, i m sorry was one of the few popular American rock bands do high-quality videos in the beforehand \"80s.

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Jack chisels did many of Night Ranger\"s command vocals, however drummer Kelly Keagy sang on countless of their hits, consisting of this one and \"Sister Christian.\"
offer Me everything (Tonight)Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan sue Pitbull because that defamation over the line in his tune \"Give Me whatever (Tonight),\" \"\"I gained it locked up choose Lindsay Lohan.\"

Ho HeyThe Lumineers

\"Ho Hey\" by The Lumineers invested 62 weeks on the warm 100, tying through Lifehouse\"s 2005 single \"You and also Me\" because that the longest continue to be on the chart for a tune by a absent band.


Only one Oasis song reached the top 10 of Billboard\"s warm 100. \"Wonderwall\" peaked at #8 in 1996.

The an excellent PretenderThe Platters

The Pretenders are named after the 1956 song \"The an excellent Pretender\" by The Platters.

BenMichael Jackson

Michael Jackson\"s very first #1 solo hit, \"Ben,\" is about a pet rat.

Just give Me A ReasonPink

Pink wrote \"Just offer Me A Reason\" about how one partner deserve to feel jilted over something trivial, like how her boyfriend passes her the butter.

Michael BoltonSongwriter Interviews

Into the vaults for this talk through Bolton indigenous the \"80s as soon as he to be a focused on writing songs for various other artists.

Taylor DayneSongwriter Interviews

Taylor talks about \"The Machine\" - the hits, the videos and also Clive Davis.

80s video clip Director Jay DubinSong composing

Billy Joel and also Hall & Oates hated making videos, so they made decision a manager with comparable contempt because that the medium. That was Jay Dubin, and also he has a lot come say top top the subject.

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strange MagneticsSong composing

How bing Crosby, Les Paul, a US military Signal Corps Officer, and also the Nazis aided shape rock and also Roll.

Matthew Wilder - \"Break mine Stride\"They\"re playing My track

Wilder\"s fight \"Break my Stride\" had an i can not qualify inspiration: a famous record mogul that rejected it.

Concert DisastersFact or Fiction

Ozzy biting a dove? Alice Cooper resulting in mayhem with a chicken? Creed so bad they to be sued? watch if you have the right to spot the actual concert mishaps.