I gained my nipples pierced around 4 months earlier and I constantly want to display them off. I love them and they look at great. I was simply curious how world feel around a woman showing her nipples v her shirt (I mean, I'm pretty carefree for this reason I'm walking to carry out it one of two people way).

Do friend think it's inappropriate to see someone's nipples/nipple piercings v his/her shirt? Or carry out you think the it's perfect fine? (:


Remember 20 years ago once you'd see Rachel's nipples through her shirt every the time? permit them it is in free!

They're just nipples so ns don't offer a shit one of two people way. You see people's nips through their shirts once it's cold anyway, as long as you're no making nipple cutouts typical Girls style then it's nobodies business~

But then component of me yes, really likes it due to the fact that I think it's hot, and also I miss having actually my very own nips pierced.

So go for it, just don't obtain upset when people glance in ~ them if they're obvious