I store acquiring this error on videos on LinkedIn "No compatible source was uncovered for this media.". Additionally, I will certainly occasionally gain the error on youtube videos

" Your browser does not currently recognize any kind of of the video formats available.Click below to visit our commonly asked questions around HTML5 video."

however when I click the connect, it tells me I am all great.

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This is on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro N, the a lot of current Firefox variation, 64 bit

I have actually tried updating firefox, flash, java, and silverlight, and also reinstalling Firefox. Also tried Firefox in safe mode. I perform not encounter these errors using Brave web browser.

Thanks for your assist.

eddit: voccupychristmas.org gifs execute not work-related either.

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I had to install the Windows Media Feature Pack using the Optional Features under Apps and Features in Setups.

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