Kim Kardashian and North West are spotted on their means to a sweet shop (Picture: GC Images)

North West has simply celebrated her birthday in style as she was gifted 2 designer handbags from Alexander Wang.

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And now she’s prstove she’s most likely the a lot of fashionable five-year-old, as she rocked a high pony and an Adidas pink two item while on an out through her mum.

She additionally sported some white Yeezy trainers from her rapper dad Kanye’s shoe arsenal, that had actually little bit yellow laces to match the stripes on her shorts.

The tot resembled that of Ariana Grande through her straightened up-carry out, as the pair ventured to the well-known Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York’s Upper East Side.

Fans suspected the tot was wearing hair extensions (Picture; GC Images)

An adorable smile beamed throughout North’s occupychristmas.orgnfront as she clutched onto a cuddly toy unioccupychristmas.orgrn while under the close watch of Kim Kardashian.

Her appearance sparked rumours that the youngster was wearing hair extensions as her straightened locks showed up to be much longer than previous images.

However fans weren’t came to and also one also said: ‘North West through hair extensions in a occupychristmas.orgmplete pink Adidas tracky has occupychristmas.orgmpleted me as a human being.’

It wouldn’t be the first time North was watched wearing extensions, as at the age of 2, the bit one debuted a brand-new look on her mum’s Snapchat.

It wouldn’t be the initially time she was seen wearing hair extensions (Picture: GC Images)

At the moment North wore 2 french plats that ran dvery own both sides of her parting all the means to her waist.

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The proud parent required to Instagram to share a snap of the pair and also wrote in the caption: ‘I made a mini me.’

But fans didn’t seem impressed and called Kim out for putting ‘fake hair’ on the toddler.

One wrote: ‘North West has hair extensions? Do what you desire as a mom, but 2 years old and also already being taught that organic isn’t good enough?’

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