Bypass the boxed crap and make your very own zero waste almond milk (+ recipes for the leftover pulp)

February 27, 2017


Knee deep right into the new year, even the many heartfelt reservices start gathering dust. This year, I vowed to obtain back to making more random points from scrape, favor sprouts and also almond milk and fermented vegetably things. It all started off through some focused fervour. By mid January, my kitchen was jammed via sprouts. One random midnight, we made ridiculously tasty “glo” granola bars (with included fair profession cacao chips). Tright here was even a homemade beer making day. But so much the just thing I’m still making week after week is this frothy goodness: DIY almond milk. I’m officially addicted. Mostly, I guzzle this stuff directly from the bottle pretty a lot eextremely time I pass by my fridge, bereason unlike store-bought nut milk the homemade stuff tastes choose desires. And it’s got no wasteful packaging, no weird fillers, no carrageenan (examine out my column on involves about carrageenan in food). It’s just almonds and water through a dash of vanilla, cinnamon and also a pair days (for sweetening) and possibly 4 minutes of your time.

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Today’s the day you’re going to join almond milk anonymous via me, people. I acquired the recipe from the original Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Oakville-based vegan queen Angela Liddon. I reviewed Oh She Glows for an Ecoholic cookbook guide earlier in 2015 and also made the almond milk recipe as soon as, vowing never to part methods. Okay, so we never experienced each various other aobtain for 2 years. But currently that this almond milk is earlier in my life, I’m never letting go . Here’s what you need:

1 cup of raw almonds

4 cups of water

2-3 Mejdool dates

1 teaspoon-ish of vanilla (or a chopped up vanilla pod)

1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Pinch of sea salt

+ A nut milk bag, which you deserve to obtain at health and wellness food stores


Put the almonds in a bowl and cover them via water. Let them soak on your respond to overnight (though they have the right to soak for as little bit as an hour or 2 if you’re really eager).Drain and rinse the almonds well.Placed them in a blender with all your other ingredients. Blend on high for a minute.Place your unfortunately called nut milk bag over a bowl and progressively pour your almond mix right into the bag. Now’s as soon as you literally milk your nuts as though you were a dairy farmer that went vegan. Squeeze the bag slowly until all the almond milk is released. This have the right to take a couple minutes.Pour your milk into a glass jar. Makes 1 litre. Good for around 4 days however you’ll be tempted to drink it in one. Seriously. Shake before drinking.

Now the massive question is what carry out you perform with all your leftover almond pulp.

Do not, I repeat execute not throw this protein wealthy pulp away. You deserve to make delicious muffins, bars, macaroons, veggie burgers and even more through this stuff or just usage it right as challenge scrub (for reals). But my number one usage for the leftover almond pulp is…granola.

The ideal zero waste almond pulp granola

If you’ve acquired a dehydrator, you deserve to just toss all your favourite granola ingredients in tright here through the almond pulp and also let them sit overnight. End of recipe.

If you perform not very own a dehydrator…dry your pulp in the range on low (200) for two hours. Or you can bake it at 350 for 30 minutes then revolve the range off and let it sit in your range for a few hours to dry out. Now, what execute you execute through it?

Go crazy via a random repertoire of ingredients you dig. I’m not one for dimensions but here’s approximately what I do…It takes 2 minutes.Take your baking tray extended in your dry almond pulp. Sprinkle the entirety thing with a hefty helping of oats, a few tablespoons of chia seeds, dried cranberries and also chopped up walnuts, maybe some pumpkin seeds and also, if you’re right into that type of point, dried coconut flakes. Sprinkle it all via cinnamon, drizzle in a small vanilla, if you prefer, and also some maple syrup.Now bake it all at 350 for 40 minutes. Voila. You have actually yourself some amazing zero waste-granola you have the right to pour that almond milk on.


Once your granola is done, you’re all set for my next trick.

Almond Pulp Granola toast

Bored through toast and also nut butter? Time to sex it up. This is a take on one of my staples: cinnamon hemp crunch toast (that’s wbelow I sprinkle hemp hearts and cinnamon on almond butter aoptimal toast). For granola toast, all you need is a healthy breview of your option (sprouted, spelt, hemp, etc), an excellent smear of unsweetened nut butter, then sprinkle your granola on optimal. It’s really good with apple slices on tright here, also. And simply choose that, you’ve upped your omega and also protein content and also discovered a tasty zero waste solution for your almond milk addiction.

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Adria Vasil is the bestselling writer of the Ecoholic book series and column for NOW Magazine.