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If chairman Obama had never been reelected, Denise and Ebony—the mothering powerhouses behind OliviaHas2Moms—would never have joined YouTube. Influenced by the historical moment, the longtime couple decided it was time to share your story as a two-mother household.

Shortly after acquiring married 6 years ago, Ebony and also Denise knew they were prepared to have actually a baby. ~ undergoing fabricated insemination, Ebony provided birth to a beautiful infant girl named Olivia, who has actually grown increase with an extended family the 80,000 subscribers.

The couple’s video library is a mix of content varying from Q&A segments and also vlogs complying with their daily adventures to sit-down conversations around gender and also their very own experiences together a mommy duo. What stands the end in each video clip is not just these moms’ palpable love of your daughter, but additionally their actual honesty. In their video clip “Do I have a Daddy?,” the couple disclose your future fear of explaining come Olivia that all families don’t look choose theirs. Will certainly she be angry? upset she doesn’t have a father? just how will she classmates respond come her having two moms? will certainly she be bullied?

By making this videos, Ebony and Denise room taking regulate of this questions and their lives. Life ~ above YouTube checked out Olivia’s moms participating in VidCon, modeling for the NoH8 campaign, and advocating for the legalization the same-sex marriage. In six years, they’ve nurtured a growing neighborhood of same-sex partners they affectionately called Team2Moms through the hope of producing a people where all kids, no matter their parents’ identities, feeling ordinary.

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Indeed, Ebony and Denise no the only couple using YouTube to challenge LGBT stereotypes: Through everyday vlogs, long-time couple RJ and also Will are showing the really normal life of an LGBT couple, while partner such as Jelly and also Day and also Kaelyn and also Lucy have used their stories to personally connect to fans in the LGBT community.

All of these creators’ videos navigate conversations about gender and also LGBT relationships, yet Ebony and also Denise’s are distinctive in just how they speak come kids. By showing their daily life through Olivia, Ebony and also Denise are giving a realistic voice to a ar often misrepresented in the media and making a much better world for your daughter to flourish up in.