ORA-00955 name is currently supplied by an existing objectCause: An attempt was made to produce a database object (such as a table, check out, cluster, index, or synonym) that already exists. A user"s database objects need to have actually unique names.Action: Enter a distinctive name for the database object or modify or drop the existing object so it can be reused.

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If tright here is an attempt to create an existing database object, ORA-00955 will be thrvery own.

This has objects such as table, check out, cluster, index, or synonym

ORA-00955 reminds you that a user&aposs;s database object hregarding have distinct names, which cannot be repetitive.

To settle ORA-00955, make certain to offer the database object an extraordinary name. You have the right to additionally drop or modify the existing object so that it have the right to be resupplied, without being similar syntaxes.

Also aiding in clearing up ORA-00955, you deserve to check out the object name which is currently being provided versus the device table DBA_OBJECTS. Here, you find out if someone else owns the object, at which time you can have the ability to watch if they require it, or if that object (or your own) have the right to be recalled.


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