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As 2020 approaches, Rob’s made decision to tidy increase the office, clean out part old points and add some brand-new touches come the workplace – prefer a vase that flowers. However for Feifei there’s simply one old thing she’d like to replace with a brand-new one. It sounds prefer a perfect excuse to teach a brand-new English phrase that deserve to be used right now of year!


FeifeiHello. It’s time for The English we Speak, v you, Rob…

Rob… and also you, Feifei. Hello!

Feifei So, Rob, an additional year over.

Rob Yes, goodbye 2019. It’s to be a good year, however it’s time because that a clear up.

FeifeiRob’s tidying up! Why, Rob?

Rob Well, there’s so much junk lying approximately – let’s clear out the old stuff. I’d prefer to start the new Year v a tidy office.

Feifei Oh ideal – we deserve to say ‘out v the old, in through the new’.

Rob Out through the old, in with the new. Yep - a an excellent expression, Feifei. You typical leave old points or old concepts behind and start fresh with new things or ideas.

Feifei i do! It’s often said around new Year.

Rob Well, i had better get ~ above with obtaining rid that old points while we hear some instances of this expression in action…

ExamplesIt"s time for me to remove my old boots and buy a brand-new pair. Out with the old, in with the new!

The tech occupychristmas.orgmpany exit their new range last week. I"ve already bought something. It"s out with the old chunky phone and also in through the brand-new lightweight touch display screen one.

Last year I invested too much time eating cake – however now because that 2020, I’m walking to sign up with a gym and get right – it’s out with the old body and in with the brand-new one!

FeifeiYou"re listening to The English us Speak native occupychristmas.org learning English. In this programme, we"re looking at the expression "out through the old, in through the new". It way getting rid of old concepts or things and starting fresh with new ones. For this reason what new things or concepts shall we have for 2020, Rob?

Rob Hmmm… Well, for a brand-new thing, i was thinking about some flower in the studio.

Feifei Nice.

Rob and also for my brand-new idea, I thought I would start introducing the programme every mainly – it’s constantly been you, Feifei!

Feifei forgive me, plunder – I’ve always introduced the programme. It’s females first! Sorry, I’m not transforming that. But actually ns was thinking around another change.

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Rob five yes, what’s that?

Feifei A brand-new presenter. As we to speak – out v old (you, Rob), and also in through the new (hi Dan).