Ozark has come to be of the best brands as soon as it pertains to a camping tent. The brand uses an amazing variety of camping tents. Friend can acquire one for a solo camper or a couple, and the list goes on. Because that a mid-sized family, the brand does not disappoint us. Ozark lists under Ozark trail 6 human tent together the best tent because that a mid-sized family. Below, we have actually highlighted the features, specifications, and how fine it performs. Because we desire to make certain that her camping expedition is together wonderful together your family, we have actually personally the evaluation Ozark follow 6 person tent the will provide every bit of necessary information you room seeking.

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Ozark follow 6 human Tent is one of the finest family tents the you deserve to buy for yourself. The tent attributes an advanced collection technology, which method setting this time is no much longer a trouble. A camping tent have the right to be made fun of as soon as you have the best camping gear and also a camping tent, by far, is just one of the most vital camping gear you must own. So, if you have actually been looking forward to including a new family tent to your arsenal, let’s failure Ozark follow 6 person Dome tent features and also specifications in detail. Read our Ozark follow 6 human Tent evaluate to know how well the performs as soon as you bring this family members tent on her trip. For small families, us have additionally reviewed Ozark follow 4 human being Tent.

Features of Ozark follow 6 human Instant Camping Tent


Ozark follow 6 person Dome time is carefully designed to cater to the requirements of campers. The tent is carefully designed making use of the ideal material, which makes a sturdy construction, and also when it comes to durability, the tent does a good job. This tent can easily fit 6 people and also can be collection up in certain no time. For anyone who is a durable and also easy to set up tent, this tent from Ozark would be a suitable choice. Check out several of the amazing features of this tent. There is another variation the Ozark follow 6 human being Tent that comes through LED Lights.

The tent deserve to be collection up instantly. You have the right to easily collection up this tent in 60 seconds.The tent features 3 windows and also 2 soil vents to improve the ventilation process.Ozark follow 6 human being Instant Camping tent comes with a equipment loft wherein you can place your small items favor keys.

Specifications that Ozark trail 6 human being Tent


10′ x 9′ x 66″

Capacity6 Person
Type that TentInstant Tent, Cabin Tent

Pros & Cons

Ozark trail 6 human being dome tent features an advanced instant set up modern technology and you deserve to pitch this tent is under one minute.This tent can conveniently accommodate 6 persons, and you can easily fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses.The room divider is another an excellent addition because that the included privacy. The presence of gear loft and also media machine enhance the camping experience of the campers.
The zippers have the right to get damaged easily. The time does no come attributes a vestibule for added storage.

Ozark follow 6 human being Tent Reviews

Below, we have damaged down the specifications and also features the this time to offer you an understanding into the performance, considering every aspect. Readout our evaluate of Ozark trail 6 human being Tent.


Ozark Trail 6 person Cabin tent is fairly roomy and offers many of space to the families, friends, campers. Together its name indicates, the time can easily accommodate 6 people and also will not leave any kind of scope to do you uncomfortable. The tent measures 10×9 dimensions cover a large floor area. On the other hand, friend can easily fit 2 queen-sized mattresses because that the added comfort and good sleep in ~ night. The tent features a 66″ facility height, which makes doing standing tasks like a breeze. Even if it is you desire to walk about or make your means to exit the tent, the tent provides a an excellent center height. Because that the added storage space, the time comes v a gear loft, and also that’s a nice enhancement to this tent, where you have the right to keep all her items handy.


Before buying any kind of tent, it is vital to take into consideration ventilation together well. Ozark trail 6 human Tent go a an excellent job the offering ideal ventilation. The tent functions 3 room big windows that constantly ensure a an excellent airflow inside the tent. On those trips, as soon as you close all her doors, the presence of ground vents will ensure intensified ventilation. Ventilation is not an worry in this 6 human tent.

Set up

The tent comes with crisp and clear instructions come ensure the you have actually a hassle-free experience while setup up this tent. The tent can be easily set up in less than a minute. Since the poles come pre-attached, you simply need come unpack and also unfold the tent to pitch this tent. This tent is absolutely perfect for those “unplanned trips” and specifically if you reach your location in the dark. Also one person can easily collection up this tent. The time is design in a method to ease the pitching process.


Ozark is one of those brands that strike a perfect balance between the product’s quality and the price. Ozark follow 6 human being Cabin Tent is among the many affordable family members tents the end in the industry that does no compromise through the quality, and yet, the time is priced in ~ an affordable price tag. The time has everything you want- space, sturdy construction, roomy, durable, ventilation. The tent is absolutely precious the money.

Where can You to buy Ozark follow 6 human Tent?

Amazon and Walmart will offer the best prices for those who space looking forward to grabbing a new camping time for their families. We hope the our thorough review the the product will assist you in do a smarter choice. The tent from Ozark has gained major attention native the campers and has been reviewed fine by the users. As stated above, this tent is value for money.


Ozark follow 10\" x 9\" x 66\" 6-Person immediate Cabin...
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Customer’s FAQ

Can one person set up this tent?The time features progressed setup technology. Girlfriend can set up this tent very quickly. Even one human being can set this up since the user’s hands-on comes with quick instructions. The time really functions ease the use.

Will the tent have the ability to fit queen-sized Mattresses?

Yes, the tent offers plenty of room where girlfriend can easily fit the queen-sized air mattresses. Well, the tent can conveniently fit 2 queen-sized waiting mattresses. So, for included comfort, girlfriend can constantly choose to include queen-sized mattresses inside her tent.

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How reliable is rainfly?

The rainfly walk its project of keeping water away from the tent, great. The factory seam-sealed rainfly resists the water to get in the tent, no issue how hard the shower is. Rainfly to add an extra layer of security to withstand the merganser days.


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