P0353 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) because that \"Ignition Coil C Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction\". This can occur for multiple reasons and also a mechanic needs to diagnose the details cause for this password to be prompted in her situation. Our certified cell phone mechanics can concerned your home or office to carry out theCheck Engine irradiate diagnosticfor $114.99. When we space able come diagnose the problem, you will be provided with an upfront quote because that the encourage fix and receive $20.0 off together a credit in the direction of the repair. All our repairs room backed by ours 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

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P0353 code definition

The P0353 code is a generic powertrain code regarded the ignition device or one engine misfire. In this case, a malfunction has been uncovered specifically in ignition coil C (or number 3) in the major or second circuit.Codes regarded the P0353 include:

P0351: Ignition Coil Primary/Secondary CircuitP0351: Ignition Coil \"A\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0352: Ignition Coil \"B\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0354: Ignition Coil \"D\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0355: Ignition Coil \"E\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0356: Ignition Coil \"F\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0357: Ignition Coil \"G\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0358: Ignition Coil \"H\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0359: Ignition Coil \"I\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0360: Ignition Coil \"J\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0361: Ignition Coil \"K\" Primary/Secondary CircuitP0362: Ignition Coil \"L\" Primary/Secondary Circuit

What the P0353 password means

Currently, many vehicles equipped with an OBD-II use a coil-on-plug mechanism for one ignition spark. Frequently, most vehicles v an OBD-II device use an ignition system with an individual coil for each cylinder. Every coil is regularly secured by the spark plugs. Controlled by the engine manage module (ECM), each ignition coil is connected to the engine and uses a small spark plug cable or boots which insulates the high-voltage spark between the spark plug and coil.

A switched it is provided of battery voltage is detailed to the ignition coil. A pulsing ground is offered by the ECM, i m sorry activates the ignition spark and also controls the ignition timing. If the voltage in the ignition manage circuit because that ignition coil C different by an ext than 10% from enabled parameters, collection by each automaker, a failure is listed and a P0353 code is stored.

What causes the P0353 code?

Several difficulties may reason a P0353 code including:

Damaged, defective, or corroded ignition coil connectorDamaged, defective, shorted, or corroded ignition coil driver circuit wiringLoose connection at coilBroken connector locksDamaged or defective ECM (rare)

What space the symptom of the P0353 code?

Symptoms the a P0353 code may include:

A warning or examine engine soon light might illuminateVehicle may be unstable at idleVehicle might misfire at idleDecreased vehicle performance

How go a mechanic diagnose the P0353 code?

A mechanic may use several methods to diagnose a P0353 trouble code, including:

Utilize one OBD-II scanner to check for a save P0353 problem codeVisually examine all wires and also connectors for indications of damages or corrosionDetermine even if it is the engine misfire is a regular occurrence or intermittentTest the ignition coil C for loose or corroded prongs.Check ignition coil C because that damaged or shorted wires or connectorsTest Hertz signal come ignition coil C, if in between 5 and 20 Hertz, coil is damagedTest voltage ~ above coil driver circuitTest because that resistance and continuity in between ground and coil driver circuitCheck for any type of damaged or defective camshaft sensors

Common mistakes as soon as diagnosing the P0353 code

Because there is a possibility a P0353 code have the right to be stored because of a faulty ECM, be certain to fully diagnose any feasible wiring faults or issues before diagnosing the ECM together the cause.

How major is the P0353 Code?

Because a vehicle’s for sure driving procedure will not likely be impacted due to faults that save a P2090 code, this password is not considered a potentially serious code. However, as soon as this password appears, the is recommended to take your vehicle to her local service center or mechanic for repair and also diagnosis as soon as possible.

What repairs can fix the P0353 code?

Several repairs deserve to fix a P0353 trouble code and include:

Replace damaged or faulty ignition coil wires and connectorsReplace shorted or damaged wire to coil drive circuitRepair or replace damaged ECM (rare)Clear every codes, test-drive the vehicle, and rescan to view if any type of codes reappear

Additional comments for consideration regarding the P0353 code

Some OBD-II equipment will disable the fuel injector top top the cylinder the is being impacted when a P0353 password is stored. Often, other codes regarded the injector circuit or engine misfires will present up in a scan.

In addition, even though this password calls the end a specific ignition coil, check to ensure all coils are firmly in place and show no indications of damages is recommended.

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Need assist with a P0353 code?

occupychristmas.org offers certified cell phone mechanics that will pertained to your residence or office come diagnose and repair her vehicle. Gain a quote and also book an appointment virtual or speak come a business advisor in ~ 1-800-701-6230.