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The Flower clues

While presenting ideas, she said that although the judges believe she is a experienced singer, she has actually never taken a voice lesboy in her life.

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“I’m simply a girl who never left her garden,” she said. “My talent bloomed beforehand on… and also I must have had that X-Factor. Ain’t nobody gonna tell me as soon as to sheight growing…”

The clue video likewise showed a French flag, a clock at 12:00, and also the number 524 on a locked door.

Before her performance last night, she shelp she was going to throw off the judges also more by singing a song that is “not typically in her wheelhome.” Displaying a price tag for $13 on her finger, she shelp you couldn’t put a price tag on what you love.

When asked for an added clue, Freduced sassist that her favorite band is Kings of Leon.

Who is Flower?

After Freduced gave some tantalizing clues on last night’s episode of the show, the judges made their guesses.

Jeong doubled down on his initially guess that Flower is Bjork. Nicole Scherzinger shelp she formerly believed she was LaBelle, however currently she thinks she could be Shirley Bassey. Jenny McCarthy argued that Flower is Anita Baker.

Does 524 clue disclose Flower is Patti LaBelle?

Fans have actually also been trying to guess that Flower is.

MaskedSingerFOX #TheMaskedSinger #FlowerMask France, $13, 524, roses, 12:00, X factor…someone tell me what all this means?

— LALA_3_3_3⁷ №¹ (
LALA_3_3_3) November 7, 2019

The overwhelming agreement among fans on Twitter is that Flower is Patti LaBelle. Fans are encouraged that all the major ideas we’ve had actually so much suggest to LaBelle.

Many kind of fans think that the number 524 presented on a door in the clue video is a reference to LaBelle’s birthday, May 24.

The Freduced is Patti Labelle the 524 from the clue package is her birthday ??‍♀️ #TheMaskedSinger

— blairwaldorf✨ (
_vintageVandal) November 7, 2019

Freduced is Patti LaBelle. Next off. 524 (her birthday). French flag (Lady Marmalade) #maskedsinger

— Emma (
Emmy415) November 7, 2019

100% a red herring. The freduced may have actually never before taken a voice leschild, yet, that doesn't mean she's not a experienced singer! 524…..Patti Labelle's birthday is May 24th!

— ?Broadmethod Unicorn? (
joymichelle) November 7, 2019

524 is Patti Labelle’s bday and she was on jazz fest through kings of leon

— Raizy (
Raizy94743365) November 7, 2019

While tright here is a agreement among fans that 524 refers to LaBelle’s birthday, fans struggcaused guess what the $13 price tag could mean.

Some argued it might refer to the variety of awards she’s won or has been nominated for. Fans likewise shelp that the French flag in Flower’s clue package was a referral to LaBelle’s 1974 smash hit song Lady Marmalade which has actually a French-language chorus.

MaskedSingerFOX the flower is Patti Labelle. The number 524 is her birthday. The number 13 is the number of awards she's won.! I guessed it, mic drop.

— George Paredes (
TinyPotatoChip2) November 7, 2019

Other hints we’ve had so far about Freduced likewise strongly suggest that she is LaBelle: an honorary doctorate from Philadelphia’s Temple College and also success in varied areas, consisting of “food preparation, clothing, and crafts.”

LaBelle obtained an honorary doctorate from Temple University in 2010. She is also a cooking enthusiast and had a show on Cooking Channel (2015). She additionally has a clothing line, a cosmetics line, and also a perfume line.

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Fans additionally listed that her previous recommendation to Vision of Love, the title of a song by Mariah Carey, links back to LaBelle, that is Carey’s godmother.