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STROUDSBURG, PA – An Alabama woman was busted after she tried passing a drug test in a sneaky way.

Jade Cullen, 26, was on paduty because she was busted through drugs a while back. As it would rotate out, Jade hadn’t been so clean. As part of her paduty she had to meet with a probation officer and take random drug tests, yet she failed her latest test.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office says a probation officer noticed Jade fidgeting with something in between her legs. A closer look and they uncovered a condom inside her filled with one more person’s clean urine. As you can imagine, she failed her test and also is now facing more charges.

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That’s also exactly how she ended up being our Dumbass of the Day!

Great Resignation: Top 3 reasons people are leaving their work, according to Gallup

by Alix Martichoux, Nexstar Media Wire / Sep 12, 2021

(NEXSTAR) – The pandemic has plainly thrown the global economic climate for a loop. While some have actually been puburned out of occupational by layoffs, others are quitting of their own volition –so many of them, the trend has been dubbed the "Great Resignation."

Gallup research from previously this year uncovered 48% of the Amerihave the right to workforce was actively looking to change work.


Tropical Storm Nicholas aims for Texas, brings hazard of flash flooding and tropical storm pressure winds

by Adam Krueger / Sep 12, 2021
HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Tropical Storm Nicholas developed Sunday morning and also is set to lug disruptive weather to Texas this week. Tbelow is a lot to unload in terms of advisories and potential scenarios. Let"s begin through the basics.

The National Hurricane Center reflects Nicholas strengthening with potential winds as much as 65 mph by Tuesday morning. Their forecast cone reflects it primarily moving northward in the vicinity of the Texas Coast. Beyond Tuesday, the cone increases substantially because of the unparticular track.


Spring Branch ISD hosting 5 vaccicountry clinics for students September 11th

by Sharron Melton / Sep 10, 2021
HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Spring Branch ISD is taking no opportunities when it pertains to tackling Covid-19. It will certainly host COVID-19 vaccicountry clinics at 5 institutions this Saturday, September 11. This is an chance for students eras 12 and also up that received their initially shot on or prior to Aug. 21 , to go back to gain their second swarm. First shots also will certainly be obtainable to those students that have actually not yet been vaccinated.The occasions will certainly be hosted in partnership via the Harris County Health Department, which says it will provide the vaccines complimentary of charge and also the staff to carry out them. The clinics will certainly be hosted at Hollibrook, Spring Branch, Pine Shadows and also Meadow Wood elementary colleges and also Northbrook Center School from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.Spring Branch ISD students periods 12 and up from any school in the district can go to any kind of of the listed institutions to receive the vaccines: