Johnny Depp’s libel case against The sunlight kicked turn off in the U.K. Court mechanism this week. On job 1, us heard testimony alleging Depp may have held among Amber Heard’s dogs the end a window as a joke during their relationship, which he denies. On day 2, Depp revealed he was uncomfortable through Amber Heard’s call with James Franco, whom he testified was “rapey,” despite he claims that to be Amber Heard’s adjective and also not his.

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Over the past several months, the has become clear that James Franco would at some point be a part of Johnny Depp’s big court cases. This has actually happened since Franco starred in Pineapple Express opposite Amber Heard and also because he to be spotted in an elevator in the same facility as Depp and also Heard during a pivotal minute that’s involved light as part of the case. There’s proof that James Franco was hanging out with the Aquaman actress as soon as she has said she had actually bruises ~ above her challenge from being hit by Depp, ergo the 127 hrs actor has currently been roped right into this drama.

However, the comment from Johnny Depp during Day 2 of his libel trial against The sunlight (via The night Standard) had an ext to do with the time Amber Heard had spent with James Franco and also why he no really reap their time together. He provided they worked together top top Pineapple Express back in 2008, a couple of short years before Johnny Depp starred through Amber Heard ~ above The Rum Diary (2011). If Depp admitted in court that didn’t prefer Heard hanging around with Franco, he claimed it was since of things Heard had admitted to him, noting,

She told me plenty of things the were very, very negative about Mr. Franco, the he had actually tried to kiss her and also made sexual advances towards she on the previous movie they had actually made together. She claimed he was a creep and a rapist. She said he was quite aggressive in his breakthroughs towards her.

When asked about the terms Amber Heard had actually referred to as James Franco, Depp additionally clarified that he was not saying James Franco had actually raped Amber Heard yet that the actual adjective she had used was “rapey,” noting,

She had to type of operation from the developments at one point, the he was kind of non-stop, she feel he was creepy and also rapey, for this reason I said a rapist.

However, regardless of what Amber Heard is alleged to have said about the actor, James Franco walk on come star in a 2nd movie with her, 2015’s The Adderall Diaries, i m sorry is when Depp claims he came to be uncomfortable. Then in 2016, the previously mentioned incident top top the elevator after Heard claims Depp had actually hurt her occurred. Previously, James Franco had actually requested a sealed deposition after the actor was asked through Depp’s legal team to make a explain in the case. Now, Johnny Depp himself has actually drug him right into the case in a different way, note he was \"shocked\" once the two started spending more time together.

James Franco has kept a relatively low profile after his movie The catastrophe Artist quietly was snubbed in ~ the Oscars complying with a Me as well profile accusing Franco of inappropriate behavior while teaching at his film school Studio 4, i beg your pardon is now closed. A lawsuit consequently followed. In the time since, he’s starred in HBO’s now-cancelled The Deuce and lent his voice come Arctic Dogs in 2019.

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