Across the Pokemon series, the nurse in ~ the Pokemon facility helpfully heals increase the player’s Pokemon. As soon as handing them back, however, she says:

We expect to watch you again!

The line has been referenced in a lot of silly ways based on how it is a relatively “terrible point to speak in a hospital.” ~ all, hoping to check out the player again way that Pokemon acquire injured and need healing…again. This rather dark outlook that spawned several humorous memes and also webcomics.

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So that made me wonder, what is that line in Japanese anyway? have the right to it be check out the same way?

Short answer: “We look forward to serving you again!” is what the Japanese comes out to be. Similarly polite business speak, yet it’s all about the tiny context and nuance which describes why it came to be a running joke in the English-speaking fanbase yet not so lot in the Japanese one.

Let’s take a deeper look!

While the dialogue different in both English and Japanese once meeting the nurse throughout the games, the finishing line is what us are focusing on.

With the exemption of HeartGold and SoulSilver (more top top this later), the Japanese is always the following:

またのごりようを おまちしてます!

またのご利用を お待ちしてます!

The second version is indigenous later games that support kanji characters, but they have actually the very same meaning. For recommendation first, a really literal translation would certainly be:

We space waiting to serve you again!

The phrase much more appropriately means (and is indeed frequently translated as):

We look front to offer you again!

It is often used at the end of a customer correspondence –basically, polite organization speak together a server would certainly make come a customer. They room happy to administer this service and also will perform so again, looking forward to serving the customer’s needs.

With that in mind, the English translate in is no inaccurate, as it is a comparable business speak of hoping to see (and serve) a client again.

So why carry out they review so differently? Why space there not any silly mim or comics about the nurse speak this in Japanese?

It is likely because of context and how the details word options play the end here.

Given the context (in company of the equivalent of an animal hospital), the English certainly sounds relatively more malicious (even if through accident) –which serves as the resource of the humorous interpretation of the line amongst the English-speaking fanbase.

Not much an are to work-related with, here!

One can see just how “We look forward to offer you again!” can have a similar definition to “We hope to see you again!” Both room polite organization speak come a customer, for this reason was most likely chosen together a shorter option.

Now even if it is the localization back then guess the other readings the the English stays to it is in seen. But, lock have continued to translate the Japanese line because of this to this day, also when castle have much more room.

An exception: HeartGold and SoulSilver

Really, this can be an write-up of that is own. But I decided to just integrate it through this one.

Earlier I mentioned an exception in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The is because in this games, the nurse in Japanese and also English actually claims something different!

Much more wholesome!

Please, come back again any kind of time!

The English below is more tough to do malicious. Now it is as much as the player to come ago as they require to, and a (more clearly) friendly nurse who does not have the hope that you will certainly come back, however remains just as welcoming.

In Japanese, she says:

また いつでもごりよう くださいませ!

Literally, it is:

Please manipulate us/our services again anytime!

This is make stranger through the fact that the initial Gold and Silver had the typical lines in both English and also Japanese…

…except that the English nurse does not even use one exclamation note like the remainder in the series do… and instead opts for a full stop. An extremely curious!

However… as soon as the trainer repurchase a Gray/4 Star Trainer Card, the Japanese becomes:

また いつでも おこしください!


Please come again anytime!

Or much more often analyzed simply as “Please come again!”

Yet in English, she reverts ago to our favorite:

We expect to watch you again!

Unfortunately, I absence a screenshot that this circumstances or a video… for this reason this presume the manuscript on Bulbapedia is correct.

I uncovered the above really interesting, as I would say the dialogue before the trainer map sounds friendlier. Yet, one deserve to argue the is due to the fact that a trainer who has actually such a high level map is valued and also one they would certainly hope (uses your services) again!

Also, i should point out that some Japanese bloggers would interpret the “Please come again!” as “We hope to watch you again!” together their favourite English identical of the phrase… but I can only uncover one instance of this. This would certainly still lack the translate of the source English joke, too.

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In terms of why the Japanese was changed to this in HeartGold and SoulSilver… probably it to be to provide a much more regional inflammation on the nurse? The Johto an ar is based on the real-life Kansai region, which is stereotyped to have more “friendly, outgoing people” (compared come the “cold and hard come read” human being of Kanto). Indeed, her dialogue comes off more that way compared to the Kanto equivalent in the prior game.

That gift said, i did no actually gain to investigate even if it is the registered nurses in the Kanto an ar (as you walk to both in HeartGold and SoulSilver) in reality speak differently or not… so this might be looking as well deeply into it. However it would be an interesting way to to mark a have fun of the ongoing Kanto vs Kansai silliness!


Japanese comes turn off as an ext of, “We look forward to serving you again!” compared to English’s “We hope to see you again!” Localization may have originally chose this heat for space limitations and then stuck with it because that consistency. The means the English line deserve to be read, in the context of a hospital, is most likely why there are a lot of silly jokes and memes in English the the nurse’s line compared to the initial Japanese!

That’s it for this post! Anything funny trivia top top this line ns may have missed? permit me know!

How would you have actually gone about localizing that line with the room limitations?

I will proceed to look at at fun differences in between the version of species of games when I obtain time! any type of dialogue you’re interested in? Feel free to send in comments or via email!