Transcribed Text:Question: Predict the product of the following reactivity and encompass hydro…W (25 bookmarks)Predict the product of the adhering to reaction and encompass hydrogen atoms in your structure:Predict the product of the following reactivity and also incorporate hydrogen atoms in your structure:HacCHEShow transcribed picture textExpert AnswerWas this answer helpful?B 16PiGeneral guidanceSorry! Sometimes wemake mistakes. Let us Concepts and also reasonunderstand so we deserve to deal with it. Hydration reaction is an organic reaction in which water is added to an unsaturated substprice favor alkene oralkyne to form alcohol. Hydration reactivity proceeds by means of protocountry to give the even more stable carbocation intermediate.Fundamentals General reactivity mechanism: Tip 1: Protonation of alkeneSexactly how moreStep-by-stepFIRST STEP ALL STEPS ANSWER ONLYStep 1 of 2 ^H,80,H* +HSO;H3CCH2H3q >CH3 CHỮcH2-butene carbocation Protocountry of an alkene.Explacountry Usual mistakes When an alkene is treated through sulfuric acid, it undergoes an acid/ base reaction. Protons from an acid get included to butane and also form a carbocation. The protocountry of 2-butene geneprices a carbocation.Tip 2 of 2 ^H3CCH2 CH-Ć-OV —H30—6-—OHHHOxonium ion butanolннH.S04I-H3CCH3H3C-0CH3¢-¢- н онExplanation Because, oxonium ion is unsteady in nature, it readily deprotonates itself to create alcohol.AnswerHHH=Ć+0H2SO4!H-HCHzH3C—_—¢7HOH

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