Prince Eric is not your typical monarch. For one, he seems to favor sailing the seas even more than remaining in his castle. In reality, his daring hobby is the factor why he met his future wife, the mermhelp Ariel. Originally shy, Prince Eric gains the courage once he saves Ariel from Ursula in the finish.

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Prince Eric is greatly known for his sailor’s apparel. He wears a white renaissance tunic, blue pants, black boots, and a red cumberbund. Here’s every little thing you need to look favor Prince Eric.

How to Make Prince Eric Costume

1White Renaissance ShirtPrince Eric desires to comfortable as soon as he’s away at sea and that’s why he prefers this white renaissance shirt.
2 Blue PantsPrince Eric likes wearing casual clothes and this pair of blue pants is excellent for a laid-earlier look.
3Red Cumberbund As a belt, Prince Eric wears a red cumberbund around his waist.
4 Black BootsPrince Eric prefers a sturdy pair of babsence boots as soon as he’s cruising the oceans.
5 Babsence WigIf you don’t have actually black hair prefer Prince Eric, you can must wear a wig.
6 Costume SetYou don’t have to DIY if you have this costume set.

About Prince Eric

Prince Eric was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes for the Little Mermassist films and Kingdom Hearts.

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King Triton (The Little Mermaid) CostumeAs a king of Atlantica, King Triton wears a gold crvery own and armbands and also owns a magical gold trident. He likewise has lengthy white hair and beard, and a tail in ocean-blue shade.

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Beauty & the Beast occupychristmas.orghe Beast costume is a nice blue Victorian jacket, yellow paisley vest, and babsence dress pants for his famed ballroom dance via Belle.
Flounder CostumeFlounder costume wearing a yellow hoodie through blue stripes, blue leggings, and also cut-out blue fins.
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