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88% polyester, 12% spandex cloth w/ molded vinyl piecesFoam bra height ago band has hook & loop fastenerBra has actually same-cloth halter straps that tie behind neckBriefs have elastic in waistband also & leg openingsMolded vinyl front piece and also flowing maroon skirt attached to briefsMolded vinyl arm band also fas10s w/ hook & loop stripMolded vinyl choker has actually hook & loop fastener at backMolded vinyl hair accessories are installed on plastic combsOfficially licensedMakes Han Solo one lucky fellow

Well, if things had gone according to arrangement, Han would certainly be free and Princess Leia would be on her merry way. Instead, Princess Leia was revealed, and also now she"s Jabba the Hutt"s slave. So that sucks.

On the plus side, Princess Leia isn"t one to simply lull about waiting for something to go her way. She"s a do-er. Which is entirely why she provides her slave chain to her benefit and also tries to strangle that slimy item of worm-ridden filth, Jabba the Hutt. Sure, she hregarding perform it in rather skimpy dancing girl outfit, yet she does it nonetheless. After all, periodically daring escapes can not wait for useful apparel. Sometimes, you"ve simply gained to perform what you gained to execute, gold bikini or no.

In the intend time, we imagine that at leastern Princess Leia was rather cool and also comfortable in the ridiculous get-up (she was on a warm dessert planet after all). And even if it was an outfit made for a dancing girl and not a Princess, we"ve got to admit, she made it look great.

So if you"re feeling prefer an empowered sassy princess (or perhaps you"re stuck in a dessert and also need some lighter clothes) then possibly you want to attempt out our Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume too. It"s officially licensed, through bra height, a gold choker, vinyl hair accessories, and the long maroon skirt (attached to a gold vinyl front item and briefs). Just promise us one thing? Try talking civilization down before you resort to chain-choking. Trust us, it"s for the finest.

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XX-SmallChest28" - 30"71cm - 76cm
XX-SmallWaist22" - 24"56cm - 61cm
XX-SmallSkirt Length34"86cm
X-SmallChest30" - 32"76cm - 81cm
X-SmallWaist24" - 26"61cm - 66cm
X-SmallSkirt Length34"86cm
SmallChest31" - 34"79cm - 86cm
SmallWaist26" - 28"66cm - 71cm
SmallSkirt Length34"86cm
MediumChest32" - 36"81cm - 91cm
MediumWaist30" - 34"76cm - 86cm
MediumSkirt Length34"86cm
LargeChest33" - 37"84cm - 94cm
LargeWaist34" - 36"86cm - 91cm
LargeSkirt Length34"86cm
X-LargeChest34" - 38"86cm - 97cm
X-LargeWaist36" - 40"91cm - 102cm
X-LargeSkirt Length34"86cm