I\"m importing a SSL certificate to use in Tomcat in mine keystore using keytool and also it fails with \"Public tricks in reply and keystore don\"t match\"

Problem can be asserted by the truth that I produced a brand-new keystore after ns accidentaly gotten rid of the old keystore record which I used from my CSR.

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Now I got a .crt file and a .ca file. What\"s the best method to make SSL job-related under tomcat in my instance now ?

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Your private an essential was in the keystore friend accidently deleted. Public and also private crucial must match, girlfriend cannot develop one there is no the other.

(I\"m cut a couple of corners to store it short)

The CSR has details about your windy key. It is signed by an certificate authority (CA), and package it in a certificate. The private key is not sent come the CA.

So if you produced a new private-public an essential pair ~ deleting the original keystore, the public crucial you now have actually is not the one in the certificate girlfriend received. Even if there was a way to pressure the public key in there, the cryptography would not work.

You now have two options :

Restore a backup and get the old keystore backMake a new request
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