I have embraced and an unified a pull request on GitHub, and now ns cannot traction my commits any type of more.

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The blog post is:

! grasp -> master (push decreased due to email privacy restrictions)error: failed to press some refs to "git



The remote repository has actually been configured come disallow you advertise a commit that would expose your personal e-mail address. For instance in GitHub you have checked the Block command line pushes that disclose my email checkbox to allow this.


While you deserve to of course uncheck that setting, that will disclose your private e-mail resolve to anyone in the world, as author information is readable by anyone with access to your repository.

Instead, execute this:

You have the right to see your personal e-mail address, i m sorry is supplied by default for your commits in Git:

git config --global user.emailChange the global user e-mail address setup to be her GitHub noreply address:

git config --global user.email ID+username
users.noreply.github.comNow you have the right to push the commit with the noreply e-mail address, and also future commits will have actually the noreply e-mail attend to as well.

git push
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Daniel A.A. PelsmaekerDaniel A.A. Pelsmaeker
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This is likely resulted in by a new GitHub setup that blocks command heat pushes that reveal your email address.

Try unchecking the "Block command heat pushes that reveal my email" box in your email settings and also then pushing again.

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answer Apr 12 "17 in ~ 19:35

Jordan LewisJordan Lewis
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Go to keep my email addresses private section and note down your donotreply email id.Open git terminal and set your donotreply email id together your email id using adhering to command:git config --global user.email "Revert your recent regional commits (with your exclusive email) which are getting failed to be pushed right into repository.git reset --soft HEAD~1 Stage and push those commitsgit add .git go –m ""git press
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reply Mar 20 in ~ 8:16

Yuvraj PatilYuvraj Patil
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I resolved the errors by:

git config --global user.email ""

This simply sets my email to blank (an empty string). I now collection my email in individual tasks with:

git config user.email "myemail

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Peter Mortensen
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Ndirangu WaweruNdirangu Waweru
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Just walk to github.com and also click on her profileGo to settingsNow click the "Email" ~ above the left navigating panelAnd search for the field "Keep my email addresses private"Please uncheck this optionNow please examine again and I think your problem is fixed now.
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Peter Mortensen
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Anjani BarnwalAnjani Barnwal
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Using Github desktop computer fixed mine issue.

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reply Sep 28 "20 in ~ 10:23
Nouman ChNouman Ch
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There is 3 options you have the right to use

1- You could uncheck your save my email addresses personal in yourGitHub E-mail Settings.

2- If you want hide e-mail your repositories, GitHub provide a noreply e-mail adres in GitHub e-mail settings

Because you have email privacy enabled, will certainly be supplied for account-related notifications as well as password resets.

users.noreply.github.com will certainly be offered forweb-based Git operations, e.g., edits and also merges.

git config --global user.email ""3- Or you have the right to use your public email or business email for your repositories. Like m****

git config --global user.email ""After use to your setup I recommend run reset header code :git reset --soft HEAD~1 shot again to push your repository

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answer Aug 16 at 9:12
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Uncheck Block command line pushes that disclose my email and then shot pushing the code from command line.

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answered Jun 18 "18 at 9:11
Rajesh PandaRajesh Panda
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