Fox moves ever before closer to shoring up their judging team for next year's twelfth season of American Idol. Somewhere else in today's showbiz news, the spinoff that The Office really seems to be happening, and Benedict Cumberbatch heads to Oklahoma.

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Rapper/singer/lipstick wearer Nicki Minaj is around to near an $8 million deal to sign up with the judges panel on the next season of American Idol, i m sorry so far only contains Mariah Carey. That"s a fairly huge get for the network! And, hm, maybe not the wisest relocate for Minaj? She"s on the means up, isn"t she? not the way down. An American Idol evaluate gig is for civilization on the way down, world who still haven"t quite resigned themselves into settling into just a consistent old well-off life without every the constant fame however aren"t really recognized anymore for doing what they offered to do. The doesn"t really explain Minaj, does it. But, what can you do. Eight million dollars is eight million dollars, ~ all. There"s also word that country singer Keith city will be joining the panel, beating out fellow countryman Brad Paisley, which need to go a long method in sewing up the desire and critical Nicole Kidman vote. For this reason that can be your panel, America. Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and also maybe Randy Jackson. I can"t think I"m saying this, however they kind of need Randy Jackson, don"t they? Doesn"t there at least need to it is in one proficient judge ~ above the panel? Otherwise that would just be chaos! certain Ryan could try to wrangle castle a bit, yet he"s every the method up over there on the stage. What have the right to he yes, really do? No, ns think they require Randy. Girlfriend hear that, dawg? because that me, because that you, i think they have to keep girlfriend on board. <The Hollywood Reporter>

Aw. Olympic swimming darling Missy Franklin will certainly make a cameo appearance in the upcoming "frat pack" (Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson) comedy The Interns. That"s exciting for her! ns mean, she was currently going to it is in the coolest girl at she high college for winnin" every them medals in London, but now she"s in a movie through dudes that youngsters think room funny. (Though, perhaps increasingly less so?) That"s pretty big. That"s, like, prom queen level stuff best there. Yearbook legend stuff. Missy, girl. You made it. Friend really, really made it. <Entertainment Weekly>

Oh god. Literally, oh God. Randall Wallace, the guy who wrote Braveheart (no relation), has determined to develop Heaven Is for Real right into a movie. You understand Heaven Is for Real, right? That"s the "non-fiction" book around a small boy who passed away for a small bit and went come heaven and also met Jesus, who conveniently had blue eyes, because many Palestinian Jews at the time had actually blue eyes. It"s a ridiculous story that was basically coaxed out of the boy by his ghoulish, opportunistic father, a minister, and also now it"s becoming a movie, from the male who walk We were Soldiers. Yet really the best part of every one of this is that the boy"s name? five heavens, the boy"s surname is Colton Burpo. Colton Burpo! My favorite kid. Good ol" Burpo, burpin" along, favor Burpo does. Regardless of the unpleasantness that the totality story, girlfriend gotta love Colton Burpo. <Variety>

So that Dwight Schrute-focused Office spinoff appears to be proceeding, together they"ve simply cast an additional role. Comedian thomas Middleditch joins Roswell actress Majandra Delfino (seriously) top top the show, together Rainn Wilson the course, together "Jeb Schrute, who hasn’t done well in any kind of previous career paths he’s taken – worm breeder and also Bigfoot hunter among them — however has discovered some success with a pot farm and also has make an exercise video clip about points you can do v a knife and a canoe." So... An excellent for him? It"s a huge part, for this reason sure, the is a great thing. And Middleditch is funny, specifically in this College humor video. (Yes, I just said that.) probably this will be an excellent after all? (No it will certainly not.)

Hm. Benedict Cumberbatch, knobbly British lord of the poshest order, might be authorized the actors of the down-home Oklahoma drama August: Osage County. He"d be playing the slow-moving son that Margo Martindale"s character, who is Meryl Streep"s character"s sister. It"s a kind part, not terribly big, but couple of roles in an ensemble really are. But I dunno, small as it may be, is he really best for this sort of thing? It can be exciting to check out him stretch beyond the foppish brothers stuff, however can he do it?? only one way to find out, i suppose.

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<The Hollywood Reporter>

Ooohh, here are some weeeeird and also twissssted new promos for the following season of American horror Story (excuse me, American fear Story: Asylum) that attribute bathtubs complete of milk, white nuns, ladies trapped in flowers, and a blue shirts of some kind. Ns think we"d all agree that the blue shirts is the scariest!