Make completing analysis logs a breeze by giving your college student with various sentence starters for each entry. This reading log theme is totally editable, which method you can change/add message to satisfy your needs. A Printable PDF and also Google Slides version is included.This editable resource ca
I produced this for my students come use during a reading center a couple of years ago--a means to organize them accountable for their reading. There space 2 versions--one through a space to check off one AR test and one without. This reading log could be provided in class, during Daily 5 Read-to-Self, or together a take residence l
This reading log can be supplied for in-class reading. Students are asked to very first fill the end the top information with the date, book, author, minutes read, and pages read. Climate they space asked to provide a review for each day they have read.This log in is a great way to host students accountable because that their

Reading log in with space for summary, date, beginning/ending page numbers, and time invested reading. Deserve to be because that DEAR, SSR, or because that a house reading log.

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This is a weekly homework reading log page. Consists of an area because that the location of the text the student read, a summary, minute read and parents initials. I usage this through the Vocabulary homework sheet replicated on the back.
This is a analysis log form I use for analysis homework. It has actually a ar for student to record the name of the book they read, the AR level, the variety of pages, and also a parental signature. It likewise has a section for students come summarize and also respond come what castle read. That is a two sided reading log with
New! i hope you can use this resource to help grow readersI love utilizing these analysis logs because they enable me to gain a brief snapshot of mine student’s independent reading. It’s really easy to tell who is in reality doing the work. There room 2 versions of this analysis log, with 3 color/black-and-white
Have students usage this analysis log every night (Monday - Thursday) to compose a an overview of what they read at home.
This straightforward reading log contains date, title, pages read, and also summary. The is plan to help students psychic what lock read. Each entry deserve to be provided for different brief stories or a single chapter book. The \"pages read\" ar is specifically for students who are analysis a longer book and need to
This is a great template to use for elevation reading. Students will document pages read and give a review as fine as personal opinions. The student has actually an chance to rate the book and recommend to a friend in a short an introduction at the end. A quick description of species of connections found on the
This is one independent analysis log because that students to use while analysis at home. College student must encompass a an overview or reflection each night the they read.
This Monday - Thursday night reading log is good for teacher who do want to entrust nightly reading, yet not assign weekend homework or want to assign different weekend homework! The log has a an are for every day and asks college student to record the quantity of time in minutes, the pages read, the tit
In an effort to organize students account in a coherent way, shot giving this layout a shot for as soon as students review at home. This basic and college student friendly organizer enables students to record the title of their book, the moment they invested reading, and also a short summary about what they read. Parental w
This is a simple weekly reading log that i use through my top elementary school students. Student are forced to put the location of their book, minutes read, and have a parent authorize it. Lock are also required to compose a quick summary around what castle read.
Why produce a middle school friendly reading log once a veteran teacher has actually done it for you? This reading log enables a teacher to conveniently track a student nightly reading. It additionally requires a student to compose a an overview and reflection each week. There is also a spot because that recording weekly points earned. Y
This analysis log is given to the students each week as homework. They fill in one ar a night and also then in ~ the end of the main they write a summary. Component of it is graded together a reading grade and also the other component is for writing.
Weekly reading log for students to track their daily reading in ~ home.There is space noted for a daily an overview to encompass main idea and 2 sustaining details because that each day, also weekends!
Here space two pages you deserve to print front and back. One page has the areas to store track the nightly analysis information, as author, book, and also page number read. The second or earlier page has a spot for the an introduction of what was read for the week, along with a section for students to create in new or interes
In this reading Log, a student must write a summary after every chapter. Great to make sure students are actually analysis each chapter.

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