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I\"ve recently bought one M&P Shield in 9mm. I believe it has a 3.1\" barrel.What bullet weight is recommended to usage in these smaller sized pistols? 115, 124, or 147 grain?If the pistol doesn\"t care, what kind of distinctions will the shooter see/feel through the different bullet weights?Thanks!

The only way you are going to uncover out the answers to your concerns is come invest in a box of each bullet weight ammo in standard velocity and shoot it for yourself.See exactly how each weight prints top top target. See how each feeling in recoil. Litter in some +p ring if you great though in mine opinion they room not needed if you use a great hollowpoint defense load and also there are numerous of them. My personal choice is the Gold period 124 gr. Yet there space so plenty of others the end there and also I am certain you will certainly get diverse answers to your questions from fellow forum members.Welcome board the forum ~ above your first post.Regards,FlaRon weiweinp
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I have actually an M&P9 Shield. For practice and variety use I usage the standard 115gr ball. I\"ve run Blazer Brass, Winchester White Box, commonwealth American Eagle, commonwealth White Box(Range&Target), Herter\"s pick Brass, and also Speer Lawman, as well as my own handloads(115gr Berry\"s plated HBRN end 5.1 gr of Alliant strength Pistol). It all ran flawlessly with mine. Likewise Winchester\"s 124gr NATO loading is a very great performer, really stout recoil and also accurate. For lug purposes I have actually Federal legislation Enforcement 147gr HST\"s-P9HST2). Very accurate bullet the end of the short barrel. The box states 1000fps in ~ the muzzle, but that\"s normally out of a 4\" or 5\" barrel. Based upon what I\"ve seen an initial hand in my very own tests, it\"s a good choice. Buy a few boxes and see what her gun and wallet like. Tapatalked via my extremely abused iPhone