Sometime back in a Nordstrom I observed a male through excellent hair, and being brand-new to the city and also still looking for a good/cheap barber/stylist I asked where he obtained it reduced. He sassist he did it himself.

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So I'm sure buzz cuts are simple and a great means to live frugal for a guy, but how many kind of have actually done scissor cuts? Is it tough to learn your style and just wash, rinse, and repeat? Any ideas on just how to gain started?


I've been cutting my very own hair for 15 years... gain a good kit through several guards it's not that hard... I usage a belt wrapped about my head to gain the ago straight

Seriously, great principle. I reduced my very own hair for the first time in my life 2 days ago and also I had to acquire my roommate to make certain the ago was excellent. This. Changes. Everything.

Another alternative - utilizing a handhosted mirror in combination via your bathroom mirror to examine the earlier of your head. $1 at the dollar save, never concern about just how the ago of your head looks again!

I use a belt wrapped approximately my head to obtain the earlier straight

Twist: it's actually horribly jagged and also mangy, however you can't tell because of the belt cutting off the blood supply to your brain

brilliant. I simply feel my neck/head hairline and also usage my finger as a stopper. then, out comes the razor! I typically miss out on a tiny spot and I have to grudgingly ask my SO to refine it...

As a female, I additionally reduced my own hair. I flip it upside dvery own, brush it even, reduced it straight throughout the bottom. This layers my hair.

Sometimes I area my hair and also do it in various parts at different lengths.

How did you learn? Trial and error? Were tright here any type of funny errors? I had one last year and also I still haven't quit wearing a hat.

In college I cut my own hair (I'm female for the record and also had actually shoulder size hair w/bangs) because I couldn't afford going to even a cheap stylist.

Another tip: stop before you think you must. You can constantly go back and also trim a little bit more but that added quarter inch lopped off the wrong spot have the right to be embarrassing.

Ok, as likewise a female, my worry is always… the mess… do you simply make a large mess in front of the mirror and also sweep it up?

I offered to go to the cheap mall haircutting areas, and they never before did what I asked. I figured if I'm getting a negative hairreduced anyway, I have the right to offer myself a bad haircut for complimentary.

It will certainly prosper back

Worst case scenario, buzz it, then describe #1

I usage clippers on the sides and also back and also then scissor cut the optimal. I use my fingers to approximate just how long it have to be on top, and also have actually done it enough I understand by feel.

I must say, though, that I wear my hair sort of messy; this is a foroffering hairstyle. Still, I don't doubt I could get much better if I chose to switch my style. It just takes practice...and if it goes poorly, go back via #1 and also #2 over.

60 yr old female below (yeah, I know.) I've been utilizing a flowbee for possibly 15 years. My hair is wavy and also I prefer it a tiny brief, yet anyone deserve to have actually longer hair so long as they use even more of the spacers.

I usage about 4.5" of spacers on the peak and also shorter, wedge shaped spacers on the sides (the hair closer to my earlobe is reduced shorter than the hair at my holy places.) This device layers my hair perfectly and also quickly. It takes around 10 minutes to put up & reduced my hair. Sometimes I carry out it in the morning, as soon as I feel choose it, just prior to going to work-related.

Your hair has to be clean and also dry. The vacuum pulls a medium amt of hair as much as the clippers that look & act favor mini-hedge trimmers. ALL the hair bits go in the vacuum bag.

I've been cutting my very own hair for five years and also no, it is not that hard, PROVIDED that you understand what you are doing. I've learned to execute it on my own, but I'm sure there are countless youtube videos. Just know that eextremely two weeks is an absolute minimum, don't skimp or impulse buy the trimmer, and also always, always, always keep that trimmer clean and also oiled.

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