Rictough Cameron (who simply goes by “Cameron”) is a stiff, overly obedient student at Welton, and one of the novel’s many overtly villainous personalities. Unprefer his classmates, Cameron is unconvinced of John Keating from the exceptionally start, and also he echoes Headmaster Nolan’s criticisms of Keating. While Cameron athas a tendency meetings of the Dead Poets Society, he does so incredibly reluctantly, because he’s terrified of being captured and also expelled from Welton. After Neil Perry’s suicide, Cameron ranges himself from the Dead Poets and informs on his classmates, ensuring that Keating is fired.

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The timeline listed below mirrors where the character Ricdifficult Cameron shows up in Dead Poets Society. The colored dots and symbols suggest which themes are connected with that appearance.

...some of Welton’s students to define the 4 pillars of success. He calls on Rictough Cameron, the student carrying the “tradition” banner, to define heritage, and Cameron instantly shouts out, “the...(full context)

The boys enter their dormitory. Cameron tells Neil that Neil’s roommate is a “stiff,” without seeing that Todd Anderboy is standing...(full context)
...college. They agree that they’ll be in the very same research group that year, reluctantly including Cameron, who’s a “brown-noser.” Meeks and also Knox introduce themselves to Todd, and automatically begin talking about...(complete context)
...“Carpe Diem.” Abruptly, the bell rings. After course, Neil observes that the leskid was “various.” Cameron concerns that Mr. Keating is going to test them on what he talked about, however...(full context)
...mentions that he’s having actually dinner with the Danburrys, a family his father knows well—and, as Cameron increates the remainder, significant Welton alumni donors. Neil sees Todd lost in assumed, and invites...(full context)
...evening, Neil suggests that everyone sneak out to the old cave—a conventional Welton meeting place. Cameron is reluctant to sign up with, yet inevitably he, together with Pitts, Knox, Meeks, Charlie, agree to...(full context)
At the Dead Poets Society meeting that afternoon, Charlie, Knox, Meeks, Cameron, Todd, and Pitts go to the cave and also read from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. Knox...(complete context)
Back in the cave, Neil, Cameron, and also Charlie are exterior, gathering logs for a fire. Charlie / Nuwunda defines that he’s...(complete context)
...Welton, the Dead Poets, Virginia, and also Chris go to the cave, though they notice that Cameron has actually left at some allude. As they sit dvery own, Mr. Keating appears. The boys ask...(full context)
Later that day, back in their dormitory, Meeks tells the Dead Poets that Cameron is talking to Headgrasp Nolan ideal now—explaining everything around the Dead Poets Society. Charlie nods,...(complete context)
Suddenly, Cameron enters the dorm. Charlie accoffers Cameron of “finking,” however Cameron denies it—he clintends he simply...(full context)
Charlie runs at Cameron and punches him in the challenge. Cameron staggers back, however begins to laugh—“You just signed...(full context)
...nods curtly to Keating, then asks his students what authors they’ve been researching all year. Cameron eagerly reports that they’ve done the Romantics—but not, Nolan points out, the realists. Nolan instructs...

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(full context)
Keating packs up his things, listening to Cameron read the essay. Suddenly, Todd jumps up and states, “They made everybody sign it!” As...(complete context)
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