Since the news of i get it Robinson's sad passing, countless A-listers, consisting of 'How To acquire Away v Murder' actress Viola Davis, has shared your grief on society media.

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Veteran actor i get it Robinson, that was honored with a Tony award in 2009 for ideal performance through a featured actor in a play because that the resurgence of Joe Turner\"s \"Come and Gone,\" has actually passed far at the period of 78. The news that his death was reported by The Hollywood Reporter ~ above Friday.

According come the site, the gibbs - recognized for his performance in movies like \"Believe in Me,\" 1974\"s \"Willie Dynamite,\" \"Newman\"s Law,\" 1979\"s \"Meteor,\" and also \"Brother to Brother\" - to be battling wellness woes. Top top Wednesday, September 26, Robinson breathed his last, after experiencing from complications native a heart condition in Escondido, California. The tragic news was shown by Ebony Repertory Theatre.

In his lifetime, Robinson has actually made multiple noteworthy appearances across various mediums, beginning on the Broadway (in 1969 through \"Does a Tiger undertake a Necktie?\") and then eventually moving on come the little screen, to be complied with by his insignificant in the films. 

We will constantly remember the considerably talented i get it Robinson and also his indelible Tony-winning power in JOE TURNER\"S COME and also GONE.

— LincolnCenterTheater (

Amongst his plenty of Broadway credits, several of the most notable ones include, \"Ain\"t expect to dice a natural Death,\" \"The Amen Corner,\" \"The Iceman Cometh, \"Drowning Crow,\" \"The Miser,\" and \"Seven Guitars.\" However, that wasn\"t till 2009, as soon as the actor played Bynum walker in the adaptations that \"Come and Gone,\" the he choose his first Tony award. 

On the television side too, Robinson has actually several prominent and recurring roles to his credit. Even if it is it is his power in the television miniseries King, The Marcus-Nelson murders - the CBS pilot for \"Kojak\" - or his recurring appearances in series like \"Starsky and Hutch\", \"The Jeffersons\", \"Law & Order\", \"Homicide: Life on the Street\", \"ER\", \"NYPD Blue\", Robinson\"s donation in showbiz is indeed memorable. 

Most freshly seen in renowned drama \"How to obtain Away with Murder,\" the so late actor is made it through by his sister Tina Robinson. His life would certainly be commemorated in unavoidable events claimed to take ar in Los Angeles and new York.

Since the news the his sad demise, many A-listers, including \"How To acquire Away through Murder\" actress Viola Davis, has shared their grief on society media. \"I love girlfriend #RogerRobinson. Annalise\"s daddy yet Viola\"s friend. You room my heart!!! Love, love you!! RIP,\" Davis wrote.


I functioned with roger Robinson at the O\"Neill facility in the late 60s and then in LA in 2015. He to be a good actor and a splendid man. RIP, Roger. Https://

— Michael McKean (

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I love girlfriend #RogerRobinson. Annalise\"s daddy yet Viola\"s friend. You room my heart!!! Love, love you!! RIP

— Viola Davis (

We shed another great one today.... Ns can’t even procedure it yet. Roger Robinson, much left, was a gem of one actor, and a gem the a friend. Ns loved him. The made me laugh every time ns was in…