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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and wife Ciara won Halloween thanks to an epos recreation that Jay-Z and also Beyonce. The couple took come Instagram to post their Halloween costumes i beg your pardon were an accurate recreation that a music video by Hov and Queen B.

“From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas… lot Love & Respect. We goin Ape $#!% #HappyHalloween ?:
West2EastEmpire,” Wilson and Ciara both post the same subtitle on Instagram.

Wilson not only posted photos of the pair decked out choose the iconic couple but over there was additionally a short clip recreating the music video. The costumes and video recreated the Jay-Z and Beyonce tune entitled “ApeS**t.” below is a watch at among several Instagram articles from Ciara.

from the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas… much Love & Respect. Us goin Ape $#!% #HappyHalloween ?:

Wilson and Ciara have actually one daughter, Sienna, along with Future, that is Ciara’s child from a previous relationship. Not to it is in outdone by their parents, the young duo wore vintage costumes wherein they appeared to be members that the Jackson 5. Siena and Future had equivalent pink costumes and also were in prior of a music studio through the message “The Jacksons” created at the peak of the photo. Ciara admitted she to be “obsessed” through her kids look.

“Obsessed through this moment,” Ciara responded to Wilson’s short article of the kids’ costumes.

Ciara post a video of Siena and also Future dancing to “ABC.”

specifically where I wanted to be on my B Day!❤️ Babe, you’re the ideal planner! You’re constantly so thoughtful. Gift in her arms is all i need! important grateful. #BirthdayLove

A post shared by Ciara (

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Last week, Wilson surprised his wife with an epic birthday celebration including a personal yacht. The watercraft was complete with birthday balloons, flowers and a special meal. Wilson took to Instagram to praise his wife and also send her birthday wishes.

“Since the moment I met you you’ve gifted me through nothing but Love, Joy, Peace, and 2 Beautiful Children. No gift is precious as lot as the Eternal Gift that Love the you have offered me and our family. Daddy Loves You. Happy date of birth Baby. Ns Love You come Heaven and also Back. ❤️
Ciara,” Wilson noted on Instagram.

Ciara praised the Seahawks quarterback for being an remarkable “planner” and also providing a good birthday experience.

“Exactly where I want to it is in on mine B Day!❤️ Babe, you’re the ideal planner! You’re always so thoughtful. Being in her arms is all i need! truly grateful. #BirthdayLove,” Ciara explained on Instagram.