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With Dr. Seuss’ birthday coming up in just a couple of short weeks, we wanted to share our newest craft, this Sam I Am Printable puppet!

It’s an additional enhancement to our growing arsenal of paper bag puppets for kids. So if your children love puppet crafts, be certain to take a look at every one of ours!

Typically, with Dr. Seuss, the initially characters that concerned mind are the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax or probably Thing 1 or Thing 2. But, we went a various direction through one of the primary characters from Green Eggs & Ham.

If you didn’t already understand, Green Eggs & Hame even has their own brand-new tv show on Netflix! I haven’t sat down to watch it yet, yet my preschooler certain loves it.

If your little bit one additionally loves the present, they’ll have lots of fun making this Sam I Am puppet. It’s super straightforward and doesn’t take very lengthy to make at all.

Check out our simple directions listed below or watch our quick video tutorial to watch just how simple it is to make through your youngsters or students!

Dr. Seuss Puppet Craft

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As you might have checked out from our pictures, we tried this Sam I Am craft 2 methods. The first puppet craft we made was using a decorative yellow paper bag and the second was with a standard brown paper bag.

Either alternative is a great choice, depending on what you’re trying to find.

If you want to make this craft much faster and also simpler, opt for the premade yellow paper bag. If you want a sturdier puppet, stick through the yellow card stock on the brown paper bag.

Overall, we really wanted the brown paper bag version because our yellow paper bag was method too thin to feel prefer it would certainly stand up to kids actually making use of it.

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Brvery own or yellow paper bag ScissorsGlue stick Sam I Am design template (downpack create at the end of the page)


Downfill the cost-free printable Sam I Am design template, print and also reduced out the pieces.


If you’re using a brvery own paper bag, cut a rectangular item of yellow card stock to fit the bottom percent of the paper bag. Glue it in location.


Begin assembling Sam’s face by gluing the eyes in the middle of the head.


Optional: Outline the eyes through the babsence marker to make them pop.


Use the light brown marker to draw on a little oval nose beneath the eyes.


Use the dark brown marker to draw Sam’s eyebrows slightly over his eyes.


Place the red hat brim on the peak of Sam’s head and also glue in location.


Take the entire item from step 7 and glue Sam’s hat to the backside.


Glue Sam’s completed face to the optimal flap of the brown paper bag.


Position Sam’s neck halfmethod on top of the yellow paper and half on the paper bag, making sure it is underneath the flap. Glue it down.


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That’s all you must perform to make a fun and also easy Sam I Am hand puppet!

We love that it provides straightforward to discover and cheap materials, so you have the right to make as many type of as your kids want without worrying about the price.

Don’t forobtain to downpack the complimentary printable template so you have the right to skip all the guesswork in making your own pieces.