The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy note 4 space two the the most an effective smartphones top top the planet. The S6 has just wowed united state at MWC 2015, while the keep in mind 4 currently sits in ~ the peak of our finest Android phones pile. But whatare the major differences? and which is the best maker overall?Find out in ours Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy keep in mind 4 comparison.

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Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy note 4: Design

The Galaxy S6 is a slim machine of glass and also metal. The corners room softly rounded and also the face and also rear areflat. The Gorilla Glass 4-coatedfront and also rear aresomething completelynew indigenous Samsung, and it"s one of the best designs the korean companyhas ever before produced(even thoughthe earlier quickly attracts fingerprints).

One of the caveats that the consistent unibody S6 building and construction is that the battery is non-removable, i m sorry is certain to pain part die hard fans. This is definitelyanarea in whichthe Galaxy keep in mind 4 wins out.


The Galaxy note 4features a steel trim with a raised,textured plastic rear. It"s a much more angular handset,and the means the ago sticks the end slightly renders it look less polished and specific than the S6.

The 2 Samsung gadgets are likewise different in regards come the dimension - the Note4 through a5.7-inch displayagainst the5.1-inchS6. The note 4 is taller, more comprehensive and heavier.


GalaxyS6 vs Galaxy note 4: Display

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung has plainly addressed several of the crucial design comes to which plagued the Galaxy S5, but what of the display? The south Korean agency never misses a beat once it involves screenquality, and you will uncover a state-of-theQuad HD(2560 x 1440 pixels) super AMOLEDdisplay ~ above the Galaxy S6.

The keep in mind 4 likewise features a super-bright QHD display, and there isn"t much in between them.Thepixel thickness of the S6 is a little greater at577 ppi, compared tothe Note4"s 515 ppi. The result is the the Galaxy S6 may show up a tadsharper, but at the expense of a smaller screen. It have to be said, however, that these are two the the many beautiful display screens on the market.


GalaxyS6 vs Galaxy keep in mind 4: Software and also performance

Both handsets space running Samsung"s TouchWiz UI -the Galaxy S6 with a streamlined Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, and the note 4 coming with Android 4.4.4 (upgradeable come Lollipop in some territories).

Samsung has contained less "bloatware" 보다 ever prior to on the Galaxy S6, yet that"s not to say over there still aren"t a few prepackaged apps existing that you may or might not want. Despite this, the OSrunsas fast and also smoothly together ever, hinting thatSamsung"s recent edition Exynos CPU is more than capable of managing some excess bloat.

The differences in between the two phones"TouchWiz UIs aren"t dramatic; whereby thesoftware really differs isthe note 4"s S-Pen stylus pen functionality. The keep in mind 4"s own stylus pen offers a range of options, from capturing snapshots of text and also pictures, to sharing links much more efficiently. This is one area whereby the Galaxy S6 cannot directly compete.

The S6 has the advantage of a vastly enhanced fingerprint scanner, and it contains some new gestures and an emergency feature where if youpress the power button three time it sends out an SOS message. Here"s hope you don"t have to use it!

Galaxy note 4 S-Pen tips

GalaxyS6 vs Galaxy note 4: Camera

The Galaxy S6 camera is one of the best we"ve ever before seen. It houses the exact same 16 MPSony IMX240 sensorasthe Galaxy note 4, yet as you should know by now, there is more to great pictures than raw megapixel count.

TheS6 camerais quicker to activate (double tapping the home switch will activate the camera in under a second), v a much faster shutter speed. Additionally, the new software gives the adhering to modes: Auto, Pro, Focus, Panning, slow-moving Motion, fast Motion, online Shot and also the ability to shoot in RAW.

The keep in mind 4"s camera is likewise a stunner, yet the speedand outstanding low-light pictures readily available by theGalaxy S6 method it is hands-down the victor.


GalaxyS6 vs Galaxy note 4: Specs

About 649 USD 32 GB

GalaxyS6 vs Galaxy note 4: Battery

The Galaxy note 4 has actually a 3,220 mAh battery finish withSamsung"s "fastcharging" capabilities.In contrast, the Galaxy S6 has actually only a 2,550 mAh. Samsung"s Galaxy S6 battery might sound pretty tiny considering itpowers a QHD display and also octa-core processor, but it have the right to (natively)charge wirelessly, and it supports also faster charging than the note 4(supposedly including 4 hrs of battery life in just a 10-minute charge). You"ll have to wait until our complete review to gain the large picture ~ above the Galaxy S6"s battery life.


The Galaxy S6 looks and also feels far better than the Galaxy keep in mind 4. It"s slimmer, lighter,more stylish andeasier to handle. It likewise has an improved camera, faster processor and also is much faster to charge. Aesthetics and specs-wise, it"s a clear winner.

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Where the Galaxy keep in mind 4 will sell it to you is its unique S-Pen stylus.If girlfriend desire a larger screen and also the phablet experience, over there is nothing quite favor the note 4, and it tho holds up 6 month after relax as among the very best handsets ever before designed.The Galaxy keep in mind 4 additionally has a removable battery, and this is miscellaneous of critical feature for numerous people.