I've only beaten the game on neutral but i've looked up the sans fight(who hasn't come on, it's epic) and i was wondering about sans eyes. I'm assuming the colored eyes is him using some power, but i'm wondering more about when his eyes go completely black, does that mean he's pissed or upset?

Also i'll throw this in here too, how exactly is sans a monster? Seems like he's closer to human. Yeah i know a talking human skeleton isn't normal, but it is a HUMAN skeleton.

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San's eyes are black when he's trying to scare you essentially. He's being dead serious when his pupils vanish. Though I've seen some artists use it to express other emotions, like feeling dead inside or surprised.

The colored eyes are when he's using his magic attacks. There's a lot of debate on what the colors mean, the past about his eye, etc.

And he's as much of a monster as anyone else. Doesn't matter if he's a human skeleton. There's ghosts that are monsters too. And bunnys, rocks, and flames.

That makes sense, but aren't there times when his eyes go black when you're on the pacifst and neutral route? It seems like he would only be trying to scare and intimidate ppl on the genocide path.

Fair point, but that also brings up another point? What the hell is a monster exactly? Seems like a really loose definition. Or maybe the underground is the only place that has monsters but it's not exclusively monsters?

When his eyes are empty, he's trying to scare you. When his left eye is flashing blue and yellow, he's changing gravity's effect on the soul.

Sans looks too deformed to be a human skeleton and he's too fragile. A normal stick wouldn't damage bones, but it can slice through Sans' ribcage.

I assumed he was just short or something, it definitely looks like a human skeleton to me. As far as him being fragile, i think that's more of a testament to the main character being an anomaly with an extreme amount of determination, since he can damage other monsters with sticks and plastic knives.

look up how to go genocidal (Well, since you're spoiled, I think I can tell you how to fight him).

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His eyes going completely black means that he wants to look scary.


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